The dollar fell and closed at $ 57


The dollar fell and closed at $ 57

The dollar ended at $ 57.

The dollar ends the week in decline. After three days of high volatility, the US currency ended Friday at $ 57 for the sale and $ 52 for the purchase. This is how it appears in the National Bank slate.

In turn, the wholesaler closed at $ 54.80 for the purchase and $ 55 for the sale. This means a decrease of $ 2.25 compared to yesterday.

After the conversation between Alberto Fernández and Macri and the statements by Emmanuel López Agis, one of the advisors of the candidate he has appointed Cristina Kirchner, the situation seems to have stabilized. López Agís said that Nobody is standard for the needs that Argentina will have in the coming years.

The reference rate of the Central Bank, slightly adjusted upwards and ending at 74.97% , only one point on Thursday. In this way he climbed 11 points a week.

In the first tender today, $ 172,969 million was awarded with a maximum percentage of 75%, a minimum of 74.70% and an average of 74.96%. In the second, for $ 163,698 million, the maximum rate was 75%, the minimum was 74.70% and the average was 74.97%.

On the other hand, eIn the wheel today, the monetary agency had little interventionn. From the finance ministry, they conducted a first auction for $ 11 million at a price of $ 56.45 and a second for $ 1 million at $ 55.25. It should be noted that this is the lowest amount since the Hacienda auction mechanism started.

the Country risk fell again and was at 3:56 p.m. at 3:45 pm. This means a decrease of 4.60% compared to Thursday.

Meanwhile, the S&P Merval It falls 1, 2%.