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The closure of a Cottam coal-fired power station endangers 300 jobs – BBC News

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Trade unions said that the closure of the power station was a "huge blow to the workers"

A coal-fired power station in Nottinghamshire will almost close, which will endanger hundreds of jobs, the owners confirm.

EDF Energy said that the plant in Cottam would close on 30 September due to "challenging market conditions".

Mike MacDonald, from the trade union Prospect, said it was a "huge blow to the workers". and the locals were.

With 300 jobs at risk, trade unions said the news was not a shock but "premature".

MacDonald said: "We were led to believe that the power plant would be phased out by 2025, which would have given enough time to soften the £ 60 million lost as a result of the local economy."

He added that they now need reassurance from the company and the government to minimize the impact of this closure.

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The Cottam power station is designed to work for 30 years

Andy Powell, Cottam's plant manager, said the plant has been designed for 30 years, so "it's a merit for our people, the engineering and investment of EDF Energy that it has been doing for more than 50 years".

He said the phasing out would be "safe and responsible" and the staff would be supported throughout the entire process.

The unite union said it is looking for alternative employment for employees.

Peter McIntosh, from the trade union, said: "It is not unexpected, but it is still a sad day for the workers and their families."

In October, the Business Department said the UK was on track to extracting less than 5% of its electricity from coal for the first time since the Industrial Revolution, and removing polluting coal plants from the grid before the deadline of 2025.

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