The cheeky discount for the Hyundai Kona!


The segment of SUV keeps growing And gradually. Those who claimed a while ago that it was a passing fad seem, at least with the data in hand, to be misled. And the Huyndai Kona It is a very good example of that.

the SUV The small size of the Korean brand is an example of how all brands try to cover, at least, the three main segments of this market. And it is that today the war is being fought between battles: SUV small, SUV medium and SUV awesome.

Image result from hyundai Kona

It is in the first two categories where the fight is most obvious. Partly because, as is logical, the prices of this type of car are much more popular than those of larger models.

The discount on the Hyundai Kona

In case of Kona the discount they have now prepared Hyundai It's the fat ones. The official rate is without any discount 20,240 euros. However, if we finance the purchase with the brand, we will see how the starting price drops to the 13,900 euros.

In that case we can do with the Kona easier, the one that gives access to the range. It arrives with a gasoline engine 1.0 T-GDI from 120 horses of power that fixes its average consumption, according to figures offered by the Asian brand, in 5.4 liters per hundred kilometers.

In terms of equipment, the most basic, the so-called essence, is quite complete. Of course you have to go to superior material if we want to enjoy elements such as Apple Car Play, eight-inch touch screen, rear view camera, Android Car, browser, voice control and Bluetoth.

An offer that places this Kona as one of the best options in terms of value for money of a segment that has more opponents every day and where the battle is more difficult.