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Tax fraud: the state is each year at 100 billion euros

According to a report from the Solidares-Public Finances syndicate, most frauds result from under-reporting of income.

Bad news for public accounts. According to a report from the trade union Solidaires-Public Finances, unveiled by Marianne, tax fraud would increase every year to 100 billion euros in France. That is 1.5 times more than the French pay through the income tax. Worse, the deceptions regarding social security contributions are not even included in the trade union's study. By comparison, the last one was in 2013 and estimated the shortfall between 60 and 80 million euros, 20 million euros less than the minimum today.

Underreporting of income is at the top of the list of frauds, a deception that will soon become more complicated to implement with the future hold back. Meanwhile, many taxpayers, individuals or businesses, deceive their offshore bottom according to the economist Gabriel Zucman interviewed by the magazine: "The wealth of the coast held by households, usually through shell companies or trusts, represents nearly 15% of the total for France , almost 300 billion euros, the deficit is 10 billion euros a year, and finally, in order to arrive at such figures, he estimates that about 3,500 French households have an average of 50 million euros abroad on average. of 5 billion euros in the accounts of the state.

The increase in tax evasion would also have another explanation. In its report, the trade union Solidaires-Finance believes that bypassing the tax has never been easier. In 2008, VAT-liable companies ran the risk of checking their accounts every 84 years. Ten years later it happens about every 130 years. On the individual side there were 4,366 audits in 2008 compared to 3,613 in 2017. At the same time, Bercy saw a drastic drop in the workforce: the tax auditing service has been separated from 3,100 jobs since 2010. "Only a real political will in the fight against tax fraud can reverse this logic that weakens tax control", concludes the trade union Solidaires-Finances. However, its latest report states that employment will be strengthened from 2019-2020 as part of the Public Action 2022 process, a group dedicated to the transformation of the French government.

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