Home business Source: Rosnano can become the minority shareholder of Tesla - TASS

Source: Rosnano can become the minority shareholder of Tesla – TASS

MOSCOW, 6 February. / TASS /. Rosnano may become a minority shareholder of Tesla, owned by entrepreneur Ilon Mask. This can happen after Tesla has completed the acquisition of battery manufacturer Maxwell Technologies from California, a source on the market told TASS Wednesday.

"Rosnano has a very small stake in Maxwell, and when Tesla buys it, the Russian company can become the minority shareholder of the Ilona Mask company," said the agency's source.

He explained that we are talking about a possible exchange of Maxwell shares that Rosnano holds for Tesla shares.

The representative of "Rosnano" confirmed TASS that the Russian company is a minority shareholder of Maxwell.

"In 2017, as a result of the acquisition of the Rosnano portfolio company Nesscap Maxwell, Rosnano, together with other project participants, became part of Maxwell's shareholders, while the share of Rosnano at that time was less than 0.2%. on the open market At the moment, before we announced the deal with Tesla, we planned to receive around 7,000 additional shares for distribution and sell them on the open market. "So we are still minority shareholders of Maxwell", said a Russian representative the company.

About Tesla and Maxwell Technologies

In 2011 Rosnano invested in the Canadian Nesscap Energy. The main products of the company are super capacities with a high capacity and modules based on them. Later Maxwell Technologies bought Nesscap Energy.

Earlier Bloomberg reported that Tesla had agreed to buy Maxwell Technologies for $ 218 million, according to him, the technologies available from a Californian company will accelerate the charging of electric vehicles produced by Tesla.

Maxwell Technologies has been manufacturing batteries and supercapacitors for several industries for more than half a century. The company currently supplies its products to automakers such as General Motors and Volkswagen.

According to Reuters, Tesla orders all of its batteries from the Japanese company Panasonic today. As experts point out, the acquisition of Maxwell Technologies will allow the company to mask Mask in the shortest possible time to determine its own production of batteries for electric vehicles.

Maxwell Technologies is the fifth acquisition of Tesla in recent years. So in 2016 the company bought the energy company SolarCity for $ 2.6 billion.

Tesla was founded in 2003 by Mask. The head office is located in Palo Alto (California). Initially, it specialized only in the production of electric vehicles and later became involved in the creation of energy storage systems. The company currently produces Model 3 and Model S sedans, as well as a Model X crossover.

Changes have been made to the news (10:30 Moscow) – the comment from the representative of Rosnano has been given, information about the companies has been added

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