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Societal Innovation Award – Funeral Co-operative softens practices

Created in Nantes in 2016, based on a model developed in Quebec since the 1940s, the cooperative has already organized 72 convoys and would like to participate in a larger network.

Funeral services attract investors. The Funeral Cooperative wants to guide every customer without selling useless products.

It is not by looking Six Feet Under, the American series that told the tribulations of a family of funeral directors, Sabine Le Gonidec was interested in funeral services, but after the death of his grandmother in 2012. " I discovered that this sector has not changed for years, that the proposed products date from a different time, that the places were not inviting ", says the woman who was working at the time in the social impact tourism sector.

It immerses itself in this universe, which opened up to competition and investors in the 1990s, and discovered that a cooperative model had been established in Quebec since the 1940s. rates and remediation practices. At the beginning of 2015, the statutes of the Association for French Funeral Cooperatives were submitted to support its project, which was born in Nantes in 2016.

Informed choice and fair price

According to the cooperative system, the shares of the funeral organization are held by employees, but also by companies from the social and solidarity economy, associations and individuals that want to make use of its services. The cooperative strives to ensure that every customer is supervised "An informed choice and pay the right price for the benefits", insists on Sabine Le Gonidec. In contrast to what is customary, the cooperative does not realize its margins by multiplying the sale of products useless or not adapted to the situation. Since it was established, it has organized 72 convoys.

From now on, the Funeral Cooperative of Nantes hopes that other branches of the same type will open. Projects are being set up in Rennes and Strasbourg with the idea of ​​eventually creating a network of cooperatives in France, similar to what exists in Quebec.

Co-operative funeral of Nantes


The Nantes company (44) offers funeral services in a respectful approach to supervised public.

2017 turnover: 185,233 euros

Employees: 3

Solidarity Financiers: La Nef, Active France, Garrigues and Cigales

Grand Prix of solidarity funding in cooperation with France Info.

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