Home business Sixt Share-KI makes iPhone users pay more for sharing cars

Sixt Share-KI makes iPhone users pay more for sharing cars

If you want to use the recently launched Sixt Share car sharing service in Berlin and Hamburg, you should do this with an old Android smartphone if possible – and ideally not in the vicinity of expensive brand sales. Because Sixt calculates prices using an AI, which spits out individual prices.

Now marketing director Alexander Sixt has talked about a few details of the pricing policy of the Sixt offer – and they have it all. "Anyone who walks from a Chanel store on Maximilianstrasse is likely to get a higher price than someone who comes from an outlet store," says Alexander Sixt in an interview with Die Welt. About which factors the artificial intelligence determines the prices and how Alexander Sixt cannot or will not explain, only that the factors are included is also variable according to the availability of the vehicles in the calculation.

And again: iPhone users receive different prizes

Sixt also confirmed that iPhone users get different prices than Android users, but it was not clear who subsequently had to pay more of the two camps, as Sixt withheld a clear explanation. "The device from which the customer hires the car can, among other things, influence the price," says Alexander Sixt, who leaves it indefinitely, whether or not that is a basic element of pricing. The world, on the other hand, consciously says: "Everyone who owns an iPhone or purchases from Chanel pays more at Sixt", because so far there is a clear trend in other industries to get iPhone users deeper into their wallets. Frankly, it won't do that.

However, this offers a lot of potential for criticism and therefore for dissatisfied users or even in the run-up to the anxious customers.

That every customer receives an individual rate is actually a very good idea. Only the selection of factors seems to be very critical in the car-sharing model. In the past, such price models were penalized by users.

Sixt Share will soon be offered in Munich. According to current planning, the company plans to start in the Bavarian capital in the first half of the year, ie within the next two months.

Sixt, car sharing, SixtShare
Sixt, car sharing, SixtShare

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