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Sixt share: if you have an iPhone, you pay more for car sharing

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Everyone with an iPhone or purchases from Chanel pays more at Sixt

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Car sharing from Sixt in Berlin: the prices for the system are dynamic Car sharing from Sixt in Berlin: the prices for the system are dynamic

Sixt car sharing in Berlin. The prices for the system are dynamic

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The car rental company Sixt also offers car sharing in Hamburg and Berlin. But not for everyone the rent of the car costs the same. It not only depends on which smartphone you use, but also on many other factors.

K.napp three weeks after the launch of the new car-sharing service Sixt Share, the car rental company in Munich is expanding its offer to a second city. From now on you can rent cars & # 39; s in Berlin for a few minutes via the Sixt app and then park them at any time in the business district. Sixt initially operated the car-sharing service Drive Now with BMW.

After the Munich-based car manufacturer now cooperates with its competitor Daimler, Sixt has started its new competitive service. Sixt aims to merge short-term car sharing with long-term rental companies. Depending on the demand for long-term rentals, part of the rest of the fleet will be used flexibly for carpooling. That is why Sixt does not state how many vehicles are used for the new mobility service, because it is constantly changing.

But there are fluctuations not only in the number of cars and the price that customers have to pay per minute is changing. Although Sixt offers cars at just 19 cents per minute – considerably cheaper than the competition from Drive Now and Car2Go – the price level actually depends on a number of factors, according to strategy director Alexander Sixt, who oversees the project in the company. from.

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The individual price is automatically determined within a fraction of a second. In addition to factors that are common to all customers, such as current demand and weather conditions at the rental location, other variables also play a role. The device from which the customer hires the car can, among other things, influence the price, says Alexander Sixt.

Therefore, a customer who wants to rent a car with the Sixt app on an iPhone can get a different price than a customer who uses the same app on an Android smartphone.

The exact location where the customer is currently located can raise or lower the price. "Anyone who walks from a Chanel store on the Maximilianstrasse is likely to get a higher price than someone who comes from an outlet store," said Alexander Sixt.

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However, it is not possible to say exactly which factor exactly leads to what price, because the calculation is made by artificial intelligence. "Pricing by artificial intelligence does not simplify, but every customer receives an individual rate," says Sixt. There are no more segments.

Sixt is proud of this system, which is expected from other service providers. Only in this way can carpooling be profitable, says Sixt. It remains to be seen whether customers are just as enthusiastic about different prices for iPhone owners. Also in the tourism sector there are always rumors that customers with certain more expensive devices also have to pay more for airline tickets or travel.

So far, the app with the new services, but very well received, says Sixt. The number of installations is 2.8 times as high as before the car-sharing service was launched three weeks ago. However, the company does not publish specific user numbers.

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Still in the first half of the year, Munich will be followed by a third city, in which there is a business district where you can park at any time and rent the cars. In addition, the vehicles can also be returned nationally to Sixt stations, so a car sharing car from Berlin or Hamburg should not be returned there.

This distinguishes Sixt Share from other providers such as Drive Now and Car2Go. In any case for the company, the system pays out the dynamic prices that are set automatically. Sixt again recorded a record turnover of 2.93 billion euros last year, with a profit before tax of 17.2 percent to 336.7 million euros.

This was mainly due to the continued strong growth in the American activities. In five to ten years, the US market for Sixt will be bigger than the European market, predicts CEO Erich Sixt.


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