Sberbank was told about the stopped outflow of deposits in foreign currency


The outflow of deposits in foreign currencies was influenced by the season of holidays and concerns of some customers about new possible sanctions, explained the state bank. In August, savers took more than $ 1 billion from Sberbank

Photo: Nikita Popov / RBC

The outflow of deposits in foreign currency from individuals from Sberbank stopped in August, stated deputy chairman of the board of directors of the bank, Alexander Morozov, in an interview with Reuters.

He explained that the situation, in addition to the seasonal fall in balances during the holiday, was influenced by some investors' concerns about the new sanctions and the volatility in the foreign exchange market. "This situation lasted from the beginning of August to mid-September, later the outflow of foreign exchange deposits stopped," Morozov said.

Bloomberg, referring to data from the Bank of Russia and research agency Frank RG, reported last week that Russians have withdrawn $ 1.2 billion from foreign currency deposits in August into the Savings Bank and that the outflow of deposits & # 39; s in foreign currency in all Russian banks during this period $ 1.5 billion.

Why did Russians take 1.2 billion dollars from Sberbank's currency deposits?

The representative of Sberbank in a meeting with RBC then said that "the outflow or inflow of $ 1 billion with a currency balance of $ 94-95 billion or more" should be treated "as a result of a managed evolution of the balance sheet of the bank . " Against the background of the outflow of currencies on 21 August, Sberbank increased the maximum rate on dollar deposits for retail customers from 1.35 to 2%.

The experts from RBC, who were interviewed last week, also linked the outflow to fear of possible US sanctions against Russian state-owned banks, but also at the end of the holiday season.

Kostin talked about the fate of dollar deposits in case of extending sanctions

In mid-September, the head of VTB Andrei Kostin, commenting on the situation with exchange rate differences in the context of new possible sanctions, said that the bank did not record a larger outflow of funds from dollar deposits. At the same time, he assured that the support of the authorities would protect the interests of clients in the event of imposing new sanctions.