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Saudi Riyal exchange rates today Now the price of the Saudi riyal against the Egyptian pound today in the Egyptian banks and black market Wednesday 10-4-2019

The Saudi Riyal Exchange Rate against the Egyptian Pound Today, in various Egyptian bank transactions such as Riyal Exchange Rate Bank Misr and various other banks The price of the Saudi riyal on the black market Where the different foreign currencies are traded and sold Egyptian poundAs a follow-up to the latest prices in the markets, and the demand for Saudi riyal is increasing by different segments of citizens, due to its direct link with the implementation of some Islamic obligations such as Hajj and Umrah for different seasons.

The Saudi Riyal exchange rate against the Egyptian Pound in Egypt today

The Egyptian pound constantly maintains the exchange rates against the Saudi currency in the transactions of the various Egyptian banks. The Saudi riyal did not exceed the five-pound barrier in Egypt, and the Saudi riyal lay with banks today. next one

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Egyptian banks The Saudi Riyal Price at the Egyptian pound Price of the Saudi Riyal against the Egyptian pound
Central Bank of Egypt 4.6057 4.6325
National bank of Egypt 4,5995 4.6286
Bank of Egypt 4,5991 4,6287
Bank of Alexandria 4,57219 4.62884
Commercial International Bank 4,5837 4,6287
Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank 4,5911 4,6339
Bank Audi 4.6074 4,6339

The price of the Saudi riyal on the black market today

As for the prices of the sale and purchase of the Saudi Riyal against the Egyptian pound on the black market today, they range from LE 4.60 to buy, to LE 4.70 for sale, and the value varies according to the quoted prices in the geographical range of the transaction.

Update the Egyptian pound against the Saudi Riyal today

The Egyptian currency kept the pound at the level of its value traded against the Saudi riyal within the Egyptian banks, for a long period of time also included transactions from the Saudi riyal on the black market.

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