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The Ryanair economic airline offers amazingly cheap air travel with flights that often sell for just £ 4.99. However, the airline managed to offset the cost in other ways. One of these areas is to charge passengers who wish to travel with more than hand luggage.

The Irish airline not only charges passengers who wish to carry more than one cabin suitcase, but also charges a charge for checked baggage.

While many experienced travelers are eliminating the need for documented luggage, with useful tips and tricks to strategically pack, documented luggage is sometimes necessary.

A frequent traveler has revealed an internal secret that could cause passengers to save on the cost of additional luggage.

Irish travel blogger Tara, who shares her adventures on WhereIsTara.com, launches regularly with Ryanair and has discovered an ingenious trick that can reduce costs.

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The dynamic price is a method used by several airlines and sees that prices increase and decrease depending on supply and demand.

Basically, the more seats sold on a particular route or flight, the higher the cost of the tickets, and apparently additional extras.

Express.co.uk has contacted Ryanair to comment on this theory.

Although it has not been confirmed, travelers on TripAdvisor say they have experienced changes in luggage rates.

“I am pretty sure of my own experience that Ryanair has had dynamic luggage prices for at least more than a year,” said one traveler.

“Last April I booked a flight from Birmingham, United Kingdom to Lanzarote, for May 2016 and initially booked only hand luggage, when I saw the price of hold baggage.

“Closer to the date, I played with the idea of ​​having a case in the cellar, so I logged in to consider adding it to my reservation, and I noticed that the price had gone up even more!”

Another added: “I booked a trip in July this month in November. I paid £ 130 for a suitcase for a round trip last week. I checked to take another case, it changed to £ 60 and this week is £ 90.”

Tara also mentions “delete your cookies,” which is another popular theory for booking trips and vacations online.

According to a report by the EU Committee of the House of Lords, some sites use cookies to charge tourists more.

ThinkMoney finance experts explain how this works. They explain: “When you visit a website for the first time, a small file called a cookie is downloaded to your computer.

“The sites have to ask you about this and, in general, you must click on a button to accept cookies. The next time you visit the site again, your computer will verify if it has a relevant cookie and will send the information of that cookie to the site. .

“The site then recognizes that you have visited before and can adapt what is displayed on the website to the information it has about you. Some believe that airlines use this information, such as the fact that you have visited before, to increase the price of air fares “.

In theory, deleting cookies before returning to the travel website can eliminate this risk.

However, there is no evidence that Ryanair uses cookies to increase prices.

In addition, most airlines and travel websites do not specify how they use cookies.


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