Ryanair ensures precautionary measures against the travel reservation site

Ryanair says that a court in Hamburg granted precautionary measures against the German travel search engine Skyscanner.de.

The airline claims that the case relates to the alleged display of the Ryanair fares website with a hidden marking that leads to higher fares than those of Ryanair.com.

He also claims that Skyscanner was showing the total flight costs with no publishing fees he was adding.

The Dublin-based carrier also claims that the German website showed a price for checked baggage higher than the price charged by Ryanair.

Ryanair also tried to prevent the website from supposedly providing fake passenger email addresses.

The case is the last one taken by the airline against the so-called “screencraper” websites throughout Europe.

The company says the action aims to prevent consumers from being cheated and unnecessary charges being imposed.

According to Ryanair, such third-party websites often fail or refuse to transmit important flight information to customers and the airline itself.

“We urge consumers again to avoid screen scrapers like Skyscanner and to book directly on the Ryanair website, the only place to find Ryanair’s lowest rates and fully transparent prices on the accessory,” said Kenny Jacobs, Director of Ryanair Marketing

In a statement, a Skyscanner spokesman said he does not comment on ongoing disputes.

“However, we do not charge travelers fees or surcharges and will continue to work in their best interest, while we strive to provide them with the best possible option,” they said.

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