Ryanair defeats Skyscanner in the German court

Skyscanner has lost a court case against Ryanair. As a result, the Irish low-cost airline was granted a court order against the flight comparison website. The ruling was issued by a court in Hamburg.

Ryanair has received a provisional requirement against skyscanner. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flight

The flight comparison websites can be like Marmite. Either you love them or you hate them. Personally, I love using a specific site for all my flight booking needs. However, it seems that Ryanair dislikes the Skyscanner comparison site, specifically the German version of the website. It was discovered that the website illegally marked Ryanair’s rates.

What is Skyscanner?

Like Kayak and Google Flights, Skyscanner is a website that allows passengers to compare the cost of different flights with relative ease. For example, let’s see if a passenger wanted to fly from London to Frankfurt.

They could log in to each airline’s website, such as Lufthansa, British Airways, Ryanair and SAS. This would allow them to see the price offered directly by the airline. However, it is relatively laborious.


Ryanair, easyjet, Peter Bellew
Ryanair, headed by Michael O’Leary, has won his case. Photo: Getty Images

On the other hand, a website like Skyscanner reduces the effort involved in doing the job and delaying costs side by side. They would simply write from London to Frankfurt, and the relevant dates, and the website does the rest of the work.

For example, when searching for one-way flights between the two destinations tomorrow, the website says that the cheapest option is a connection flight with Air Europa at £ 51. Meanwhile, Ryanair’s cheapest direct flight is £ 89. Meanwhile, British Airways starts at £ 114 and Lufthansa at £ 144.

So what has the court ruled?

The Hamburg court ruled that Ryanair should receive a provisional injunction against the Skyscanner website. The court reached this decision for four reasons.

Ryanair, Boeing 737 MAX, October
Ryanair may not receive its first 737 MAX until October. Photo: Getty Images

It was determined that Skyscanner was showing Ryanair flights for more money than the airline was offering them. This was declared illegal.
It was determined that the website showed flight costs without showing their fares.
Indicating that checked baggage costs more than it should.
Finally, the website has been banned for providing fake email addresses to Ryanair.

Speaking of the ruling, Kenny Jacobs of Ryanair, who believes the airline could receive 10 Boeing 737 MAX planes in time for the summer, said: “” We welcome Hamburg court orders that will help protect our customers from hidden marks deceptive in Skyscanner. of, ensuring that our customers get the lowest rates, which can only be found on Ryanair.com.
We have been involved in several legal cases across Europe to prevent our customers from being subjected to excessive unnecessary additional charges from unauthorized screencraper websites and to ensure that Ryanair has the right contact details to ensure that customers get correct information about their flight “.

At the time of writing this article, skyscanner had not yet responded to a request for comment.

Have you booked Ryanair flights through Skyscanner? What do you think about the bug? Let us know in the comments!

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