Rutland McDonald’s: the county is approved by the gold bow

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The councilors approved the request for a drive-thru outside of Oakham

Rutland will lose its status as the only county without a McDonald’s after the councilors have sealed plans for a new restaurant.

Some in the small rural county of East Midlands have boasted their unique independence from the American fast-food giant.

But at a meeting on Tuesday, councilors approved the request for a drive-in drive outside of Oakham.

McDonald’s said he was “delighted” with the decision.

The company said the plans had a “great reception” and would create “at least 65 new jobs for the local population.”

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Prior to the meeting, the Rutland County Council received 23 support representations and 55 objections to the Lands End Way restaurant.

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The county is famous for a series of traditions and landmarks, including Rutland Water

Charlie Pallett, who runs a blog about Rutland, said: “Our main streets are dotted with wonderful independents offering something unique … I think we don’t need a McDonald’s.

“Our county is the last in England without one. I think it’s really special.”

But many supported the plans, arguing that the city “needs” more employment and entertainment for young people.


Chris Goodchild said he was “all for” a McDonald’s in Rutland

Chris Goodchild told the BBC East Midlands Today: “I totally agree. I think it’s silly that we don’t have one yet.”

“The main street is full of charity shops and coffee shops, so what’s the problem?”

Ella Peters, a Rutland resident, added: “I think it’s a positive thing when it comes to bringing new jobs, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to bring fast food, it’s not very good for children.”

“I think it is better to support the locals than the great nationals.”

McDonald’s restaurants in England


McDonald’s says the restaurant will create 35 full-time and 30 part-time jobs

  • Northeast – 55
  • Northwest – 167
  • Yorkshire and Humber – 99
  • East Midlands – 91
  • West Midlands – 120
  • Southeast – 165
  • Southwest – 87
  • London – 181
  • East of England – 116

Source: McDonald’s 2019 Economic Impact Report

Council officials had recommended that the plans for the restaurant be approved with 27 conditions, including walls and ceiling, that should not be built until details of materials and colors have been agreed with the authority.

Other conditions include that trees should be protected and the restaurant should not be opened until the council has approved a garbage management plan.

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