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"Russians-Aldi" Open again: but the spokeswoman already warns! – Merkur.de

At the "Russen-Aldi" Mere, customers stood for empty shelves. Now the discounter has been reopened. But a spokeswoman warns of dramatic consequences

Update of February 8, 2019: After just five days, the "Russians-Aldi" left the goods in Leipzig. Since Wednesday, the discounter, which is part of the German subsidiary "TS market" of the Russian discounter "Torgservis", reopens. Ask yourself how long it will take before he returns to bottlenecks. From Friday, customers will still receive goods there. "At the moment everything is going well," says a spokeswoman for the TS market, who wants to be named by name imageNewspaper.

However, the spokesperson for the "Russo-Aldi" also emphasizes: "We can not exclude that there will be delivery problems again." She also mentions a reason why customers were confronted with empty reagents: "We simply did not expect such enormous crowds, many goods were sold out."

What the spokesperson of the "Russi-Aldi" does not reveal: Which goods could not be replenished quickly. However, the newspaper Bild wants to have learned that especially frozen meat and sausages were sold out. Also on Wednesday it had to give the discounter Mere neither salami nor Mettenden.

Video: Russians-Aldi "Mere" struggles with bottlenecks on delivery

Update of February 4, 2019, 15:44: Crazy turn to the "Russians-Aldi" Mere in Leipzig. A few days after opening the discount store has to close again. The reason is of course delivery problems. On 6 February, Mere wants to be back at 9 am for his customers.

Update of January 28, 2019: This Tuesday (January 29) opens the first branch of the Russian discounter Torgservis in Leipzig – in an old Aldi branch on the northern edge of the trade fair city. For the first time, a Russian discount store is trying to get a foothold in German retail.

When looking at the window in the sales area of ​​almost 1000 square meters, the purist design of the market becomes clear. Here fruits and vegetables are not offered under flattering light. The customer picks up the goods directly from the pallet. The shopping carts are also needed. It should be cheap. "We work according to the motto" Every day only the lowest prices "is on the website of the German subsidiary of Torgservis, the TS-market.Food accounts for 70 percent of the range.The rest is pet supplies household items, drugstore articles and clothing .

New discounter "Mere" rivals Aldi and Lidl – but there are problems

Update from January 14: A mother buys a pair of children's trousers at Lidl. If she looks at the product, she may be pretty surprised. And even with Aldi there are problems because of a product.

Update of December 28: A cheap discounter, which even undermines the prices of Lidl and Aldi and can be dangerous for the two German figureheads on the market. This description applies to the Russian cheap chain "Mere", of which the first German branch should only recently be opened.

Bargain hunters will probably have to wait a bit longer for the opening of the first "Mere" supermarket in Germany, because the discounter is struggling with supplier problems (see update on 17 December) and otherwise everything is around the cheap chain.

The super cheap discounter does not have a name yet

how chip.de also referring to the Eating newspaper reports that the Russian company is struggling with legal problems. Originally, the German branch of the Russian company "Torgservis" should listen to the name "Centwelt" to once again emphasize the prices of the discounters in the name. The company "Centi", a wholesaler in household and garden tools, which already operates a chain called "Centiwelt", fought against it.

For example, the parent company changed its name to "Mere", under which several branches in Romania had already been opened. But even with this name there are problems. The "Mera Pet Food GmbH" appealed because of the phonetic similarity complaint at the EU Trademark Office.

So it remains to be seen under which name the megacortering discounter will start at the beginning of 2019. Anyway, a new date for the opening of the first store in Leipzig is: instead of how originally planned on 17 December, this should now open according to the German newspaper of Germany on 29 January. This explains Gernot Falk, responsible for the asset and center management of the retail real estate specialist ILG Group (Munich).

Confusion about the name of a discounter is not uncommon. Aldi, for example, also has a different name in Austria.

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When does "Mere" come to Germany? New date announced

Update of December 17: On Monday it should actually be finished – a first branch of the Russian cheap discount store "Mere" should open in Leipzig and the top dogs Aldi and Lidl should make dumped prices. But nothing came of it Leipziger Volkszeitung reported, the start of the discount chain from Russia was postponed. New date for the launch in Germany is now the end of January, it is said.

The reason for the delay: The goods, which are to be sold in the shopping center Leipzig "Treff Portitz", are still stuck in Siberia. Moreover, there are no employees: there are still several sales employees free.

"Mere" competes with Aldi and Lidl – See the branches so badly

Update from December 2: "Mere" – remember this name! Soon you can buy cheeses, milk, sausage and fruit for a very favorable price. The cheap discounter from Russia wants to take on the market leaders Aldi and Lidl. The Russian company "Torgservis", which stands behind the brand, is expanding. It has recently opened branches in Poland and Romania. Now it is focused on Germany.

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How hard "Mere" could penetrate the market shows a look at Romania. The discount discounter offers below market prices for coffee, sausage or pasta with a maximum of 20 percent. Lidl and Penny were suddenly no longer cheap, but much more expensive!

The cheap image can also be seen in the design of the branches. how chip.de reported, the goods are on pallets and cardboard boxes, shelves do not exist. The stores would remember "huge warehouses", chip.de writes.

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Video: Discounter "Mere" soon in Germany?

But customers do not seem to be looking for consumption pleasure, but only one thing to expect: offers! Accordingly, the slogan of the company: "Low cost, every day" – "Low prices every day". The photos made in a Romanian shop are probably a shock to some customers. With the usual "shopping experience" in Germany, even from the discounters that are becoming increasingly upscale, that has little to do.

Discounter "Mere" plant first location in Leipzig

The German offensive is scheduled for December in Leipzig. There you have rented in the shopping center "Portitz-Treff". These 800 square meters are just the beginning. In the medium term, 100 sites will open in Germany, particularly in northern Germany, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Saxony, Thuringia, Brandenburg and Berlin.

Aldi Lidl, Penny and Co. get Russian competitors

First notification of November 14: Munich – The discount store in Germany is booming: companies such as Aldi, Lidl, Penny or Netto account for about 43 percent of the turnover in the German food retail sector. The branches of Lidl and Aldi are particularly successful here: about 80 percent of consumers shop in one of the two supermarkets.

The companies are now even so good that they both start several large projects: the Schwarz Group, the parent company Lidl, now actively involved in German waste management and Aldi even offers its customers a gas station directly in the parking lot. Even the failure to recall supermarkets can shock this supremacy. But now it looks like a new competitor to stir up the German cheap market: the Russian discount chain Torgservis. Her daughter TS Markt GmbH is now looking for new locations in Germany.

Aldi / Lidl competitor: "Mere" first wants to go to East Germany

The Russian supermarket is currently looking for more than 100 locations in Germany, according to the "Lebensmittelzeitung". Particularly interesting are new offices in East Germany, currently looking for TS Markt GmbH in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Thuringia and Brandenburg by operating areas.

The reason for the focus on East German territories is the target group: immigrants and Eastern European citizens in particular must be convinced of the product range.

Where does the money for such an expansion come from? The discount store Torgservis is incredibly successful, says epochtimes.de in Russia. The company, which was founded in 2009, has been able to quadruple the number of branches in the past four years, while external sales tripled to 1.3 billion euro over the same period. "In addition, the chain follows a franchise model, which makes each branch a separate legal entity," the newspaper continues.

In 2017, it was possible for the discount store to expand the rural Russian region & # 39; s. First to Moscow, then to Kazakhstan, now to China and Belarus. And now only the German market has to follow.

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Vote where you want to shop!

Possible Aldi / Lidl competitor Torgservis: simple offer must be successful

The Russian company is looking for the Lebensmittelzeitung In Germany, plant areas of 800 to 1200 square meters should be parked for 30 to 40 cars. By way of comparison: the two German discounter heavyweights Aldi and Lidl have now expanded their stores to an area of ​​approximately 1500 square meters, Epoch Times writes.

Furthermore, the Russian discounter uses strategies that are reminiscent of the beginning of Lidl and Aldi. Because while the German discounters now pay more attention to a wider range, Torgservis remain simple. Only 1500 to a maximum of 2000 own brands may be offered on wooden pallets in the supermarket.

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Video shows the food chain in Russia

Whether the Russian discount chain will succeed with its expansion in Germany is still uncertain. Experts predict a difficult start: the supermarket must meet high standards in German food legislation and quality requirements of customers in comparison with Russia, but still offer cheap prices. Until the company has adapted to these conditions, Lidl and Aldi remain pioneers in the German cheap market for the time being.

Incidentally: Aldi threatens a dispute over a popular product. The discounter wants to lower prices, but gets a headwind.

On Facebook, however, customers are interested in something completely different. How about a great offer from an Aldi brochure. Complaints are also posted there. However, customers do not always receive the desired response to their message to Aldi.

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Update from January 28: Competition for Aldi and Lidl: an extremely successful Russian discount store opens its first store in Germany. The simple recipe: aesthetics does not matter, the most important thing is very cheap prices.


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