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REWE Group: Introduction of Food Fulfillment Center 2.0

REWE.de expands its leading position in the online food trade.


the REWE Group opened on September 21 in Cologne in the presence of NRW Economic and Digital Minister prof.dr. Andreas Pinkwart her First Technology Food Fulfillment Center 2.0 (FFC), at the same moment is unique in Germany, With "Scarlet ONE" the e-commerce activities of REWE digital reach a new level. By leading technology and process optimization of intralogistics, it is possible to further increase the availability of goods for customers, to incorporate new product ranges, to expand the supply area in the future, to increase flexibility for customers and at the same time to further increase profitability. The FFC 2.0 replaces the former FFC in Hürth, which belonged to the generation of the purely manual Food Fulfillment Center, of which the REWE Group is more active, including in the Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Hanover and Mannheim agglomerations. The construction time of the Food Fulfillment Center 2.0 was one year. The cost of one of the most modern logistics centers in Europe is about 80 million euros.

"With the commissioning of Scarlet ONE, we are reaching an important milestone in the context of our holistic digitization strategy, showing how serious it is for us to further develop e-commerce, but we also show that e-commerce has much more for us. is then a chic webshop focus is mainly on all the remaining areas and logistics levelsWe are first mover, as we show with this highly learned stock. At least in the German grocery trade, we are the leader and trendsetter. And that almost five years after we started e-commerce. I am glad that the construction work was progressing this way. I would like to thank all affiliated traders, the Knapp company and especially our employees, who have worked with great dedication and passion on this complex project, "said Lionel Souque, CEO of REWE Group on the occasion of the official opening.

"The digital transformation of business models, production processes and customer relations is a major challenge for our industrial location, and I am delighted that the REWE Group sets standards for online food distribution here in North Rhine-Westphalia with its modern Food Fulfillment Center. the opportunities that digitization offers for the industry and its employees ", says Prof. dr. Dr. med. Andreas Pinkwart, Minister of Economy, Innovation, Digitization and Energy of North Rhine-Westphalia.

"With ours new generation Food Fulfillment Center 2.0 We have significantly increased our pick performance compared to purely manual centers. So far, employees have covered up to 15 kilometers per shift at order picking. with Scarlet ONE this is exactly the other way around. Here it comes Products with automated shuttle technology from different cooling zones to the order picker. All in all, we achieve three things with it. First, we strengthen our profitability. Because, unlike the delivery of our markets, where we always talk about bulk containers, choosing in the field of e-commerce is much more complex. Most of our employees take individual articles with them. Secondly, we lay the foundation for further growth and the opportunity to selectively expand our delivery area and make our processes more flexible. And thirdly, we can offer our customers a service in the area of, for example, meat, sausage or cheese, which they otherwise only know from the service counter ", says Christoph Eltze, CEO of REWE digital.

"The digital transformation of the REWE Group and the development of REWE and REWE digital to become key players in the online food show show that Cologne is already an important digital location today, but we do not want to make Cologne fit for the digital age alone – on the contrary, we want Developing Cologne into a leading digital location, where administration is mandatory in two ways: first, we need to become more digital, and on the other hand, we have to pave the way for our economy to digitally set up and tune in. I am happy that the REWE Group, a company from Urkölsch, is opening its first Food Fulfillment Center 2.0 in the cathedral city, a strong commitment to Cologne, but it is also a sign of confidence that we, as administration, want to be a catalyst and not a rut. The modern economic and location choice policy must be guided by opportunities ", says Elfi Scho-Antwerpes, mayor of the city of Cologne.

Scarlet ONE lies according to the E-commerce strategy of the REWE Group both conveniently located to the city center of Cologne (8 kilometers) as well as to neighboring REWE logistics location in Langel (4 kilometers). The Food Fulfillment Center 2.0, which is 17,000 square meters as large as two and a half football pitches, has 38 outlets and seats around 200 distribution vehicles. In addition, there are special loading platforms for loading trucks traveling to remote cities and loading customer orders to smaller vans. In addition to a washing area, there is a service point to repair minor technical problems on the vehicles or for general maintenance. In addition, there are modern office and social spaces and approximately 260 parking spaces for the 600 employees. The work is carried out for a long time in three shifts. The gross volume of the multi-storey warehouse is about 260 detached houses. Finally, the Food Fulfillment Center 2.0 meets the gold standard of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB). The assortment of the Food Fulfillment Center 2.0 contains about 20,000 items in normal use. In comparison, an average REWE supermarket has about 10,000 items. (Source: REWE Group)


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