Home business Prices of cement and iron on Monday, November 26, 1818

Prices of cement and iron on Monday, November 26, 1818

Cement prices stabilized on Monday, November 26, 1818, after having dropped by 20 pounds per ton yesterday, continuing the downward trend observed by prices over the past week, while iron prices remained unchanged.

Ahmed al-Zeini, head of the building materials division at Cairo's Chamber of Commerce, said that the fall in cement prices was due to an increase in supply and lower temperatures. Construction work was declining at that time of the year as a result of the rain, which led to a fall in prices. End of the year.

Cement prices have fallen three times since last week, with a total of 80 pounds per ton.

The price for selling commercial cement varies between 840 – 860 pounds per tonne, and the retail price of the consumer varies between 850 – 880 pounds per tonne, with the exception of the Swedish cement sold at 870 pounds per tonne of trade and 900 pound per tonne to the consumer.

"Although the price drop is small, the downward trend is good," said the head of the building materials division, predicting price stability at the end of the year.

On the other hand, iron prices have stabilized. The sales price varies from 11,200 pounds per ton – 12,198 thousand pounds per ton to the Saudi iron factory site being sold at 11,500 thousand pounds for delivery from the port area.

He pointed out that the Saudi iron imports in small quantities, pointing out that Saudi iron does not drop the market, but a kind of balance in prices, refuses to talk about the imposition of dumping duties on Saudi iron or billet ore because the product does not have enough factories on the market, On the pallet to close the small factories.

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