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Photo service Pinterest careful in price range for IPO

The photo reportage Pinterest is reserved in the price range for the upcoming IPO. The platform plans to sell the securities to investors for $ 15- $ 17, according to an updated monthly prospectus. This would bring Pinterest around $ 1.3 billion without the so-called over-allotment option for participating banks.

The price range is therefore lower than the expectations that were previously raised. It was said in media reports: Pinterest wants to at least get the total value of twelve billion dollars from the previous financing round in 2017. At that time, the shares were sold for $ 21.54 each.

Pinterest sees itself as a kind of visual search engine in which users can search for ideas for interior design or vacations and search images for their interests. At the same time, they can save photos from the net as so-called "pins" on "boards" on specific topics. At the end of last year, according to Pinterest, 175 billion pins were stored on 4 billion plates. Pinterest mainly takes money through advertisements – paid pins that are shown to users.

Pinterest was founded in 2010 and is one of the longest-living & # 39; unicorns & # 39; from Silicon Valley, because $ 1 billion worth of startups are known. In 2015, the Pinterest CEO had still rejected a possible IPO because there was sufficient new capital on the market at that time.


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