Passenger sues American Airlines after an employee sends 100 spooky texts

A woman from San Diego is suing American Airlines after an employee got Your name, cell phone number and address of your carry-on luggage tag and then sent you a text message more than 100 times.

Ashley Barno said the mysterious message also sent her sexually suggestive images. As a result, he experienced lasting emotional distress that made him fear for his safety.

Last April, Barno was waiting to board a flight to Chicago when he received a text message from an unknown person, he told NBC San Diego.

It reads, “Hello Ashley! How are you? “And Ashley replied:” I’m fine, thanks! “Before adding:” I’m sorry. I’m not sure who it is. “

Barno became nervous as the texts continued and became increasingly creepy.

“By the way, I must tell you that you are beautiful,” wrote the unknown texter, followed by: “You look very beautiful in that gray top today.”

Barno then looked around the boarding area to see if he knew anyone, and that was when the mysterious text message was identified as “Ahmad.”

He said he worked for American Airlines.

Things got even more disconcerting after Barno boarded the plane and received this message from “Ahmad”: “I am on board now. Do you also go to Chicago?

Barno told him to leave her alone, but he refused to capture the hint, according to NBC News. Instead, he sent a note suggesting “friendship with me will be very beneficial for you. “

The text message promised Barno: “I can always give you good seats, access to VIP lounges and free flights too.”

Barno said she was scared, especially because she was in a closed plane with a stalker.

Barno called a flight attendant and told him the messages he was receiving from a man on the plane.

The assistant made sure Barno wasn’t harassed anymore.

When the plane landed at the Chicago O’Hare International Airport, security guards escorted the man off the flight, according to The Washington Post.

Barno’s lawyer, Joe Samo, said the flight attendant told Barno that This was not “the first time he did something like this.”

Barno is now suing American Airlines for negligent hiring, sexual harassment and harassment.

His complaint, which was filed last week in a San Diego division of the Superior Court of California, alleges that “American Airlines did not do enough work in hiring and supervising employees to keep its clients safe from sexual harassment and harassment.”

Barno said she and Samo tried to contact American Airlines for months, waiting for assurances that the airline had disciplined the man and took steps to ensure that it did not happen to another person.

However, she never heard an answer, according to Samo.

“That added a lot of insult to the injury,” he told the Post.

American Airlines spokesman Joshua Freed told the newspaper that the spooky texter accused was an American employee at the time of the alleged harassment but was not on duty.

In addition, said Freed, the man is no longer an airline employee.

“American Airlines takes the privacy and security of our customers seriously. We investigate the accusations and take appropriate measures. “

Samo believes that the airline is minimizing the experience of its client.

“A victim can be shaken and traumatized for months after an event. It seems to us that American Airlines felt that the situation was resolved when he returned safe and sound to San Diego, ”Samo told the New York Daily News. “I don’t think they realized that the emotional effect would last much longer than the threat of their physical security,” he said.


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