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No one needs to know more about our product – STATEMENTS

The story of the Russian-based company Nginx, about which the American company F5 Networks announced for $ 670 million on March 11, goes back to the early 2000s. Sites and services increased the number of internet users not support, Rambler system administrator Igor Sysoyev spent two years solving this problem and wrote the Nginx web server. The web server saves the data on the website, accepts requests from users and in return gives them the pages, images and files of the site. Nginx now operates 25% of the internet sites. Initially this was an academic task, Sysoev admits: he exposed the development of open access and did not intend to make any money for it until 2011, when he and another Rambler employee, Maxim Konovalov and Comstar UTS employee Andrei Alekseev , Nginx founded. In 2018 – Nginx sales were $ 26 million, F5 Networks revealed.

Russian partners Netflix

– Who was your first big customer?

Maxim Konovalov: There is a funny story with our press releases in 2013, where it said we had no paying customer at the time. It was actually about the fact that we had no paying customers of Nginx Plus (solution with modules for paid traffic management) and that there were customers who paid us for other services. For example, we have carried out an inhuman project with Netflix: we have helped them create their own CDN (content delivery network, a special service that speeds up content delivery to users.) – "Vedomosti"). At the same time this is the largest file for us. I suspect that Netflix has saved a huge amount of money thanks to him, a number with seven zeros, and we have earned a hundred times less. But in an ideal world, we would agree on lifelong payments for this project. At the time, however, we had difficult negotiating positions, and business people among us were so-so.

– Did they come to you in 2011?

Igor Sysoev: Everything consists of a series of accidents. Netflix wanted to switch from public CDNs (Akamai, Level3, LimeLight – large), which paid a lot of money for traffic. They hired a few Level3 people who worked with the then popular operating system of FreeBSD. We have also worked with this operating system and someone has advised them to use Nginx.

MK: We didn't even have an office in the US at that time. They came to us with the problem that the speed of distribution of video from a CDN does not exceed 1 Gbit / s, and we are quickly spread to 10 Gbit / s and then to 40 Gbit / s. It seems that a year later, in 2012, they started to refuse contracts with external CDNs and continued independently. After that they could reach the speed of video distribution from one server to 100 Gbit / s encrypted traffic without our participation. This is important for Netflix, because on the days that popular TV shows & # 39; s are released, this service accounts for 37% of US traffic.

– In the summer of 2018 you said that you have around 1,500 paying customers. Can you name them now?

MK: Nowadays these are large companies whose company is connected to the internet. Take a large traditional store from Fortune 500, which has an online store. There are tens of thousands of articles and visitors who do not do anything superscience. But the company is very important uninterrupted work, because online already generates half of the income. When we talk about segments, our customers are represented almost everywhere: car manufacturers, insurance companies, banks, gaming companies, media, various CDN and TV companies. Nginx has millions of free open source solutions and more than 1,500 paying customers. (Open source is open source applications that can be freely downloaded and used.) Users can view and edit the code – Vedomosti.) Nginx solutions use three of the five largest banks in the world, three of the five largest US retailers and five of 10 largest technology companies. Nginx customers include Photoshop Adobe developer, free CDN Cloudflare developer, BuzzFeed edition, Groupon discount service, WordPress content management system.

– Do you work with Yandex in Russia and do you work with Facebook, for example?

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