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new compact van Nissan Livina – Auto Review

Nissan and Mitsubishi have already jointly & # 39; joint & # 39; cars produced, but the monograph Nissan Livina that was presented today in Indonesia became the first model to be created after Nissan had purchased Mitsubishi shares. This is the third generation of the model, but if before the Livina was a variant of the Nissan Note monocab for developing countries, it is now a clone of the Mitsubishi Xpander car of 2017.

Livina was previously offered in standard and extended versions (respectively 4255 and 4485 mm long), but the new model has only one form factor, and this pyatidver is larger in size than the previous "large" model, both in length (4510 mm) as in width (1750 mm) and height (1695 mm).

The new Nissan differs from the original Mitsubishi especially in the design of the front. The lamps, although original, have not fundamentally changed their shape and location: the stylists tried to force the features of the Nissan V-Motion design into the Dynamic Shield design of the Mitsubishi company. The bumpers and the tail lights have been replaced, but the "iron" has also been damaged: the plastic of the lower parts on the side walls of Livina is different.

But in the cabin, Xpander and Livina only differ in emblems and finishing materials. Both cars have three rows of seats, an optional seven-inch screen media system and a second air conditioner for the rear. Technically, monocabs are identical. Under the bonnet is a suctioned Mitsubishi 1.5 MIVEC with a capacity of 104 hp. Gearboxes – five-stage "mechanics" or four-speed "automatic". The drive is only at the front, but the vehicle has an impressive ground clearance (200-205 mm, depending on the tires).

Livin is produced in the same Mitsubishi plant near Jakarta, where Xpander is made. In Indonesia, the Nissan Livina is slightly cheaper than the source: prices start at $ 14,100 instead of $ 14,600 for the Xpander. Livina will later appear on other Asian markets.


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