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Network: solve the controversy about Saudi Arabia's involvement in the leaking parts of the owner of the "Washington Post" nationality

Elkan Abramovich, a lawyer for American Media and publisher of the National Enquirer and his legal representative, has challenged Saudi Arabia's involvement in the world's richest man blackmail crisis and Amazon founder and owner of the Washington Post, Jeff Bezos. .

A dispute has arisen in recent days between the CEO of Amazon and the owner of the Washington Post, Jeff Bezos, and the president of American Media and the publisher of National Inquirer, David Baker, who obscene photo's of Pezos threatened to publish unless he was arrested. Investigate how the scandal magazine gets its own encounters with his mistress.

Bezos, published in an unusual post on the Medim website, said last Thursday that Baker's attack was due to criticism of Washington Post by US President Donald Trump and Saudi Arabia, and said the American Media President a newspaper had produced Loyally to Saudi Arabia, "according to his description.

Under the heading "No thank you, Mr. Baker," Bezos wrote his long publication, directed at David Baker, president of American Media, the owner of tabloid newspapers and magazines dealing with celebrities and artists.

In the same publication, Malik accused Amazon American Media of threatening to publish its own photos, including Silve's Image Under the Belt, unless he made a public statement claiming that the motive behind the Enquirer report was not due to political concerns.

The National Enquirer, known for his scandals, last month published photos of Jeff Bezos, a US channel and actress, one day after Bezos announced his divorce, Bezos, one of the world's richest, encouraged a fortune, according to Forbes Magazine, Billions of dollars, confrontations and open fire.

But the American media lawyer said in an interview with ABC: "The problem is not at all political, and that the person who leaked these intimate and sexual passages from Jeff Bezos, and the exchanged text messages are very well known to them.

Abramovitch said Bezos' letter, claiming that David Baker, the chief executive of America Media, threatened to release his photos & intimate videos, was not a criminal offense.

"This was not blackmail, it was not blackmail, but what happened was that National Enquirer had obtained that material from a reliable source close to Bezos and his mistress Lauren Sanchez, and of course I can not reveal who the source is, For American media . "

In turn, the site "Daily Best" is supposed to be the US's brother, Sanchez, who supports US President Donald Trump's policies, and that he posts and depicts scandalous & # 39; 39; leaked to Pezos.

"What I can say is that neither Saudi Arabia nor President Trump has anything to do with the leakage of those images or alleged blackmail," said American Media's legal representative.

"I think the message on which Bezos was based was a negotiation and not a blackmail, because the founder of Amazon has many interests with American Media and they tried to resolve their differences."

"But American Media is never involved in proxy wars, either from Saudi Arabia or even from the Washington Post (owned by Jeff Bezos) of an issue related to Saudi Arabia (Khashoggi's death crisis)."

He decided to say:

"Bezos and Sanchez know very well who the source was, and every researcher who investigates this will know the source very easily, but also not the White House and Saudi Arabia."

"Saudi Arabia has taken a step back and asked why we are in all the stories," said Thomas Friedman, a leading New York Times columnist, referring to Jeff Bezos's allegations, The Washington Post, "the possibility of a link between the Kingdom and the newspaper "Iftzth" and published photos and messages between him and his mistress.

"But at the same time I have to be honest with them, there is no evidence of Bezos & # 39; accusations and it is possible that (Bezos) brought it to the attention of people," said Friedman in an interview with CNN.

"Yes, there are reports that American Media (the parent company of National Enquirer, which published photo's of Bezos) was looking for investments and investors from Saudi Arabia."

"Anyone who knows about the press knows that Jeff Bezos is not writing the newspaper headlines of his newspaper or interfering with the montage or selection of stories for the Washington Post."

For his part, the Saudi foreign minister, Adel al-Jubeir, denied the accusations of Bezos, and said that these charges are like the ones that do not end.

"Maybe some Saudis are reading American Enquirer here in America, but that's all."

"I read about that issue in the press, it is only a disagreement between two parties and we have nothing to do with it at all."


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