Netflix launches a cheaper plan to view only mobile content


Netflix is one of the most popular streaming platforms in the world, although the arrival of other services such as Disney +, HBO Max and Apple TV + has made the company a bit difficult.

Therefore, with the aim of attracting more subscribers, he announced a more economic plan to watch series and films, although they are only played on mobile phones and tablets, that is, It is not compatible with screens or computers.

This new service, currently only available in India, could be extended to other regions if it was successful, and although the exact rate of that subscription was not specified, the site specializes in hypertextual technology points out that would be around four dollars.

According to the site The Verge, this plan only allows customers to play content from one device at a time, and does so with a resolution of 480p.

The company itself described this new subscription as "an effective way to introduce more people in India to Netflix and to further expand our business in the market."

This promotion may be due to the poor revenue from the platform Lost $ 544 million in the past three months, in addition to lowering the average of new subscribers.

In this way, Netflix would offer people a cheaper way to view their content. The success depends on the service being expanded to other countries.