Nassim Taleb criticizes Tesla customer service, Elon Musk responds

Elon Musk should read Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s books quite frequently. Once, he said that if Tesla broke down, he would too. There is nothing else “Skin in the game“That this. That is the title of one of Taleb’s most famous books. That is probably the reason why Tesla’s CEO gave Taleb such a quick response to a complaint related to the company’s Customer Service We will get to that in a moment.

Taleb accidentally bought $ 4,333 in software and contacted Tesla to get a refund. According to the author, it was due to a “butt marking”. You could not request a refund for the application in which the purchase was made without realizing it. When he went to a Tesla office to ask for a refund, Taleb had to wait eight days to get an answer. And it was “no.” Well, a little worse than a simple no. You can see it below.

Nassim Taleb criticizes Tesla customer service On Twitter, Elon Musk responds

In a tweet, Taleb exposed the conversation, mentioned Elon Musk and called the response “an insult” to Tesla’s clients. He also said that “Customer service is even worse” than I had previously mentioned.

A couple of hours later, Musk posted this tweet:

Taleb was not satisfied with that.

That was comprehensive. Not only to other consumers who face problems with Tesla products, but we also dare to tell journalists that they are trying to get answers from the company and they are hung up. We are still waiting for Tesla to respond to a variety of problems, the most recent being its goodwill repair policy.

What follows their conversation is a group of Tesla customers who report similar problems. As usual, there are also short sellers trying to make it appear that Tesla is a complete fraud and that Tesla supporters make the usual FUDster claims that no one else takes seriously, except themselves.

Nassim Taleb criticizes Tesla customer service On Twitter, Elon Musk responds

Would Musk have responded if it were a typical customer complaining about the same problem? Maybe if they were only a few, as they used to be in the early days of the company. With Model 3 sales numbers, and Chinese customers ordering more and more units, that would probably be impossible.

Nassim Taleb criticizes Tesla customer service On Twitter, Elon Musk responds

Anyway, unhappy Tesla customers should be grateful to Taleb. The author of “The black swan“He reminded Musk that he may not be able to respond personally to each tweet, but that is no excuse for the company not having someone who does. Preferably without contractor metaphors and with a little more empathy.

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