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Mortgage costs on the civil route, the only way to claim the buyer from now on

Closed – in the beginning – the way to claim the taxes of forming a mortgage through the courts of instruction, the buyer has only the civil route to demand the return of the expenses he pays when he is granted a loan . "Consumer associations can continue to sue banks by abusing these expenses, but only in civilian channels," says professor of finance and tax law at UOC Benja Anglès. The Spanish court – adds – can go to the European Court of Justice to resolve these clauses, just as with the country clause.

But what are these costs that banks fall into the customer? The first is the assessment. It is legally required to determine the mortgage and serves to determine the fair value of the property. It must be done by a valuing entity that is registered and registered with the Bank of Spain. The costs vary between 250 and 500 euros, depending on the entity. The second is the confirmation in the property register that the accommodation has no costs. It costs about 30 euros.

Once the mortgage is granted, some banks, in addition to taxes on documented legal acts, claim a commission from the opening, which can reach 2% of the borrowed capital. At the same time, it pays the notary fees that are incurred for the granting of the public deed of the mortgage loan and that for the registration of the deed in the property register. Finally, the buyer is also responsible for registering or replacing the water, gas and electricity facilities. In the case of water, for example, the cost of buying the meter amounts to more than 250 euros in Barcelona.

Products linked to the mortgage

Apart from these expenses, many mortgages also include the sale of products related to the duration of the loan. The most common are renting home insurance or life insurance. For the first time, there are banks that earn up to 800 euros per year, if they are rented from the mortgage, the costs amount to just over 200 euros. Other bank requests when issuing the mortgage are payment of the payroll on the account with which the loan or the hiring of credit or debit cards is paid.

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