Moms rebel for swimsuit photos

It seems that hell is not furious as a group of Facebook mothers, especially when bargain swimsuits are involved.

A furious dispute has erupted within one of Australia’s most prolific Facebook communities, Big W Families Australia, and has nothing to do with the discount store chain.

The dispute, which began after a woman posted photos of herself on Big W swimmers, has led members to leave in droves and throw insults at each other while complaining that the group of more than 60,000 people has become “wild.”

Yesterday, the group administrator, who asked to call her by her Facebook name, Kristy VL, shared photos of herself in a black and white plaid swimsuit, writing: “This suit Swimwear was only $ 25 from Penrith Big W. Add a black skirt with heels and I feel like a million dollars. “

While there was no dispute, the $ 25 togs were a bargain, the members opposed Kristy’s pose in the photos, which show the Sydney woman against a wall with her legs on display.

Some members felt that the photos were too bold and against the “family values” of Big W, while others accused the behavior manager of “seeking attention.”

Meanwhile, many others jumped to defend Kristy, noting that he looked “amazing” and they loved his idea of ​​combining it with a skirt.

“Pose, girl, you look good,” one person wrote. “There is nothing wrong with an incredible outfit that makes you feel safe and good about yourself.”

“Some of these comments are contemptuous and unnecessary,” added another commenter. “I’m sure that from time to time you see things in your news feed that you don’t like, that’s the life we ​​don’t always see things that we like or agree with.”

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“The way women treat other women is disgusting and an excellent example of why I hate most women! A lot of savages, ”also wrote a frustrated member.

In response, Kristy decided to take one of her photos in the swimmers as the background photo of the group, which caused a wave of members to affirm that they were now leaving the group.

“What a bunch of whingers, I’m out,” one woman wrote before leaving, while another added: “Our country is on fire. We would have members affected by them. People still drag it over that photo. Priorities people!”

Meanwhile, others seemed to be enjoying the drama, with one person writing: “I’ve been here for 5 minutes and now it’s my favorite group. Thank you administrator.”

Kristy told that he had no idea that his swimsuit publication would cause so much drama among the group, but he had no plans to close it.

Since then it was renamed Big W Clientele Australia and thanked the members who defended it for publishing the photos.

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“I will continue to run the page and stay focused on the larger image,” he said. “I intend to model everything I buy from Big W.

“I have given free publicity to Big W for more than 3 years. I don’t think they care if I give them more using my own photos to promote something that I feel sexy about and that didn’t bankrupt me. “

Sydney’s mother plans to pursue a modeling career and said she kept her Facebook profile public to display her amateur modeling photos.

Kristy also hoped that showing confidence would encourage other young girls to feel more comfortable in their skin.

“I’m trying to clear the way for other girls like me. I’ve always received hatred from other women. Just for being myself, the prettier I look, the more hate I would get,” Kristy said. “I’ll take all this hate if I think it will open the door for other girls to have confidence and love themselves without feeling bad about it. “


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