MCS and Royal Caribbean cancel cruise stops that would arrive on Monday


The head of the tourism company, Carla Campos, reported this afternoon that the MSC and Royal Caribbean companies canceled transit stops for the MSC Seaside and Celebrity Equinox cruises, following Monday, July 22, respectively, the date on which a national strike was announced.

Campos indicated that the cruise companies made the decision because most of the local companies with which they have entered into agreements to offer tour services canceled the majority of scheduled flights.

He also assured, The companies expressed concern about the demonstrations that could take place in Old San Juan overnight. The cruises would arrive in the afternoon and leave San Juan at 10 a.m. (MSC Seaside) and 1:00 AM (Celebrity Equinox).

According to the agency, the economic impact that would result from the arrival of the MSC Seaside is estimated at $ 439,000 and the Celebrity Equinox at $ 311,000.

This morning, Campos convened a meeting to coordinate the logistics of operations in the port of San Juan from the cruise ships Freedom of the Seas, Royal Caribbean and Carnival Fascination, Carnival Cruise Lines, which are leaving from & # 39; home port & # 39; (base port) tomorrow from Puerto Rico.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the Costanera Guard, the National Parks Service, the Ports Authority, the Bureau of Transportation and Public Services, the police, emergency management and the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade (DDEC).

"From these cruises, about 7,000 passengers will disembark who will cross from a week and continue to their final destination, either on the island or by air. In the meantime, a similar number of cruise passengers will embark to start the corresponding route. generates an economic impact of $ 1.3 million. During the past two weeks we have remained attentive and constantly in talks with the cruise lines to coordinate the planned stops. Both the cruise companies and the tourist company are trying to keep as many stops as possible while at the same time guaranteeing the safety and experience of the visitor at the destination, "Campos said in written statements.

Last week, Royal Caribbean cruise ship Harmony of the Seas did not dock in the port of Old San Juan due to protests demanding Gov's resignation. Ricardo Rosselló Nevares after the publication of 889 pages of the controversial chat of Telegram.

The Executive Director also noted that the company has offered various alternatives to cruise lines in an effort to reach the island.

For example, the Pan-American Wharf, he said, has been presented as an alternative to the cruise line. The depth of the pier extends to approximately 32 feet. The large ships that dock at docks 3 and 4 require approximately 34 feet of depth for their draft. The alternative is therefore not feasible for some of the boats that have experienced cancellations.

Regarding the option to dock in the port of Ponce, Campos said that the feasibility of the routes is being evaluated. Most cruise ships arriving in San Juan harbor depart from Miami, where they board their passengers and arrive on the island in the afternoon of their third sailing day.

Therefore, forwarding to Ponce would mean that they would arrive at night and have to leave to reach their next destination the next morning. Campos explained that this was not a viable alternative to three of the four boats that canceled their stops.

Also for information received by Tourism, today a cargo ship would arrive in the port of Ponce that would stay for a week, eliminating the place for cruises.

"No cancellations have yet been reported for transit stops scheduled for the rest of the week. The CTPR maintains constant contact with the lines that evaluate case by case and tries to protect all aspects related to the visitor's experience", the executive director expressed.

The owner concluded that the economic impact of cruise stops that have been canceled so far can be estimated at around $ 2.5 million of the cost of around 15,000 passengers.

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