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Marktkauf & EDEKA call back chicken fillets – the reason for this is found metal chips – Heilpraxisnet.de

GOOD & CHEAP Chicken fillet may contain metal shards

The Federal Institute for Consumer Protection and Food Safety, as well as EDEKA and Marktkauf inform about a recently started recall campaign. Hans Kupfer & Sohn GmbH & Co. KG remembers his chicken breasts. The manufacturer can not be excluded that there are pieces of metal in the chicken fillet.

Concerned is the article "GOOD & CHEAP Delicatessen Filetroulade chicken breast" in the 150 gram package with the best-before date from 3 February 2019 to 15 February 2019. Consumption is strongly discouraged due to a possible risk of external and internal injuries. The affected chicken breast is mainly offered to branches of EDEKA and Marktkauf.

This chicken fillet with the most durable dates from 3 February 2019 to 15 February 2019 will be recalled. (Image: food warning.)

Purchase price is refunded

According to the retailers involved, the item has already been removed from store shelves. "Consumers who have bought the article in question receive a refund of the purchase price in their stores without showing the receipt," EDEKA writes in a customer information about the recall.

What are the health risks of metal parts in food?

Metal waste can cause cuts and holes in the mouth or damage the teeth during chewing. If the metal part is swallowed, it may, depending on the shape and size, block the airways and cause breathing problems or even shortness of breath. In the worst case there is danger of suffocation. Swallowed metal parts can get stuck in the body and cause inflammatory processes. If it is pointed or sharp edges, internal bleeding is not excluded.

Further information: First aid for dangerous foreign bodies in the body


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