Maduro: Venezuela continues to sell crude oil to the US. – Voice of America


The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, was prepared to continue selling oil to the United States on Friday, even after insisting that all American diplomatic staff of his country resign in the period granted after a break in diplomatic relations.

Maduro warned journalists of the presidential palace that his decision to break with the government of President Donald Trump and not with the country, following the support of the White House to the leader of the opposition Congress, Juan Guaidó, who was sworn in this week as interim president of the oil service.

The president, under strong international pressure to hold new elections in Venezuela, said that if the United States decided not to buy more crude oil from his country, he would look for other markets.

The President repeated his allegations that Guaidó's swearing as interim president was part of a coup d'état set up by the United States and that he did not mind other diplomatic representations such as Spain.

Maduro considered "shameless" as the remarks of the chancellor of the European country for new elections.