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London ultra low emission zone: launch of new air pollution charge | UK News

Drivers may have to pay more to drive in central London as a new ultra-low emission zone (Ulez) comes into force from today.

Drivers of diesel cars & # 39; s about four years old and gasoline cars & # 39; s about 13 years old have to pay £ 12.50 to enter the center of the capital.

Costs apply at all times and are in addition to the existing congestion costs, which amount to £ 11.50 on weekdays between 7 am and 6 pm.

All vehicle types, except black taxis, are liable for the Ulez tax unless they meet certain emission standards or exemptions.

    Vehicles pass Marylebone Road, one of the most polluted in London
All vehicles are affected, except for black cabs

Drivers can check whether their vehicle is liable for a charge by entering their registration on the Transport for London website.

The Ulez will be extended from October 2021 to the entire interior of London within the North and South Circle roads.

The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said the plan is being introduced because thousands of Londoners die prematurely each year as a result of toxic air, with an increased risk of cancer, asthma, dementia and stroke.

Mr. Khan had a study conducted by two universities who found that poor air quality leads to around 1,000 hospital admissions in London each year for asthma and serious lung disease.

The ultra-low emission zone covers part of central London
The ultra-low emission zone (Ulez) covers part of central London
London Mayor, Sadiq Khan
Sadiq Khan claims that the Ulez & # 39; will clean our air and reduce harmful emissions from road transport & # 39;

He said: "As someone who has developed adult asthma in recent years, I know from personal experience that the toxic air of London is damaging human health.

"This study grimly reminds us that air pollution has a disproportionate impact on the most vulnerable people in London and I do everything to protect children, the elderly and people with respiratory problems from our dirty air."

De Ulez was announced by the former mayor of London, Boris Johnson, but his successor, Mr. Khan, announced the start date and decided on the 2021 extension.

There has been concern that poorer motorists, small businesses and charities are being wrongly hit by the charge because they are less able to upgrade their vehicles.

Air pollution is considered a huge threat to public health

London director of business organization CBI, Eddie Curzon, described the Ulez as a "really positive step" but warned that "smaller companies may have trouble paying for the transition to low-emission vehicles."

"To make the Ulez a success, it is crucial that the city hall collaborates with companies to help them take advantage of new technologies and support them where necessary to accelerate the use of low-emission vehicles," he said.

The Town Hall said Transport for London is setting up a scrapping scheme to help the smallest companies and charities switch to cleaner vehicles.

It also noted that people in the most disadvantaged areas of London are more likely to suffer from poor air quality and have the least chance of owning a car.


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