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Lloyd & # 39; s of London prohibits alcohol and drugs in the workplace

Faced with disturbing messages about & # 39; near-sustained & # 39; Harassment faced by women in Lloyd & # 39; s of London, the insurance market has called for final orders for one of the last redoubts of the city's old-school drink culture.

As part of a code of conduct to be unveiled this week, people trying to enter the market under the influence of drugs or alcohol will take their steps.

The reason is that a significant number of reported incidents of scandalous behavior towards female employees have been associated with alcohol.

I was told that the bosses of the market were really stabbed by them and meant what they say about changing their culture.

Naturally, actions speak more than words. But they have received the support of the various stakeholders of the institution for these and other measures designed to undermine everything that is going on.

That should not be underestimated. If those with experience covering it will be aware, Lloyd & # 39; s is a very political place. It is the sum of many different parts that are often in conflict.

By getting them all on the same page, it can sometimes look like cat herding.

Although it is seen as a & # 39; holdout & # 39; on this subject, might not be a good picture of one of them, it is one thing for institutions to join in with the proposed changes, a very different thing for individuals to join.

The market says it's a matter of time gentlemen when it comes to a drunken lunch. And, given what was going on, also about time.

But there will undoubtedly be those who hold out against what they perceive as the death of another holy part of the old city of London, and who feel that the new rules do not apply to them.

Lloyd & # 39; s is not just a political place, it is a conservative place (with a small c).

Pity the guards who are on the front line. They have a non-enviable task. How will they respond if a powerful and influential broker cuts in half if he eats too much at lunch and starts making threats when he is asked to surrender his pass and go home?

I have been told that they have followed a training and Lloyd & # 39; s insists that they get their full support in taking a hard line with mischief.

Passes that they grab are sent to the presidents of the companies where miscers work, with a note explaining why. But what if the person who wants to return to his desk after having too many glasses of wine is the chair? See how it could become interesting?

Anyway, quite a few of those notes may have to be sent to get the message home and make the market the "safe and inclusive" place that the bosses say they want it to be. Change has not always been easy for Lloyd & # 39; s. The scandal itself proves that.



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