Kerry Group reveals price increase, with ‘goodwill payment’ to issue next week

Kerry Group has become the last milk processor to announce its price for December, announcing an increase for milk last month.

In a brief statement to AgriLand, a spokesman for the group said: “The base price of our Kerry Group for December milk supplies will increase by 1c / L to 31.5c / L, including VAT.

“Based on the average dairy solids for December, the price performance, including VAT and bonds, is 38.6 cpl.

In addition, Kerry Group confirmed that the 3c / L goodwill payment agreed with Kerry Co-Operative Creameries Limited in relation to Kerry Milk Supply Contract payments will be paid to suppliers next week.

This was calculated based on the average annual milk supply for 2015 to 2019 inclusive, the spokesperson added.

Other processors

Yesterday, Glanbia revealed that it will pay its milk suppliers 31c / L members, including VAT, for the manufacture of milk supplies in December with 3.6% fat and 3.3% protein.

Glanbia Ireland (GI) will pay a base milk price for December of 30c / L, including VAT for the manufacture of milk with 3.6% fat and 3.3% protein.

This is an increase of 1.0c / L from the base price of November.

The board will continue to make a support payment to 1.c / L members, including VAT for December milk supplies, a spokesman added.

Meanwhile, Lakeland Dairies announced that, in the Republic of Ireland, a base price of 31.31c / L, including VAT and lactose bonus, will be paid for milk supplied in December.

The base price has increased by 1c / L, a spokesman for the cooperative confirmed.

Qualifying farmers will also receive the usual off-season payment, he added.

In Northern Ireland, a base price of 25p / L will be paid for December supplies plus the usual off-season payment. The base price has increased 0.5p / L.

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