Home business "I do not speak English"; Racism? at a Taco Bell in Miami

"I do not speak English"; Racism? at a Taco Bell in Miami

MIAMI DADE – A verbal confrontation between a woman trying to place an order and a Taco Bell employee was captured on video and now the virus has gone because of an alleged case of racism.

In the video posted on Facebook on Wednesday, a woman is seen from her car to eat at the Drive Thru of Taco Bell on 785 East and 9th Street in Hialeah.

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"Nobody speaks English, nobody in the back speaks English, so you can not accept my request", said the woman in the video, identified on Facebook as Alexandria Montgomery.

In Spanish, the Taco Bell employee told her that no one could speak English on the spot, adding that there were countless cars behind her on the direct access lane.

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The employee suggested that the customer would look for a Taco Bell company elsewhere. But the woman rejected the proposal and remained unchanged in her request. After the votes were lifted and other workers had come to the window, the employee asked the woman to leave because she would call the police.

"Call the police, I did not do anything! I'm trying to ask for food!" Said the woman smiling in the video while she continues to confront the Spanish woman.

Although the video lasts more than three minutes, it is not clear how long the dispute lasted.

In the Facebook post, Montgomery wrote that the Taco Bell in Hialeah is a racist place, adding that "the lady understood what she was saying, but she did not want to take my order because she said she did not speak English."


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