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The blogger has experienced the & # 39; family & # 39; features of the updated crossover.

Beginning reviewer Sergey Babkin decided to supplement his blog with another laconic video, in which he shared his impressions of how Nissan X-Trail is suitable for a wide range of recreational activities. The versatility of the Japanese crossover was, according to the blogger, a real surprise for him and he even regretted that he could not buy the Hitrilu 2019 for himself at the moment.

The driver "begged" the official dealer of the Japanese car giant Nissan X-Trail in the "top" configuration to go on a family outing. The driver had two children in addition to his wife who needed child seats, so the driver admitted that he needed such a large, safe and spacious crossing.

The abundance of options designed for passenger comfort pleased the expert individually. Electric seats, rollers, heaters and deflectors – Nissan X-Trail, according to the surveyor, really cares about the facilities for the people inside. And for long journeys, adaptive optics, cruise control, a system to keep the car on the road and much more comes to the rescue: "The equipment is excellent, it is also very useful for children to drive, almost at home."

In general, the Nissan X-Trail of the year 2019 seemed to the driver to be an extremely interesting option, not only for those who often go to the countryside for long journeys with everything, but also for those who need a modern and functional crossover for some travel and outdoor activities.

For family as well as fishing with hunting – the Nissan X-Trail adapts to all circumstances and will certainly not only become a vehicle, but also a complete friend for a large family, the blogger concluded: “It's just as comfortable on the circuit in the city in the mountains! & # 39;

Alexey Lopatin

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