How to make mashed potatoes

Knowing how to mash potatoes is not something you just born with, oh no. This hugely comforting side dish, or even a meal in itself, is simple, in essence, but a little expert guidance will be of great help.

This is a humble dish that is mega tasty when done well. And when you can master the basic recipe, you can start adding other elegant touches to your mash or use it as a dressing for popular dishes.

What kind of potatoes are best for mashing?

The key to excellent mashed potatoes is, of course, choosing the right type of potato. You need a floury variety that becomes spongy when it boils. Maris Piper is easily the best variety to puree, but most medium-sized white potato varieties will also work. A tattoo we would not recommend using is the beloved new potato, (too delicate) and baking potatoes (incorrect taste and texture) are also not recommended. Follow our advice and you will surely master that mash.

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