Home business How much does the dollar cost in Mexico? March 21, 2019

How much does the dollar cost in Mexico? March 21, 2019

The dollar again recorded losses against the Mexican peso, this time of one percent.

The currency of the United States is listed on $ 18.79 pesos wholesaler, while retail is one of the largest $ 19.10 and the $ 19.30 pesos, according to reports from institutions such as Citibanamex and BBVA Bancomer.


The rating agency Fitch again gave a poor rating to the Mexican economy, but that doesn't seem to matter to the peso, which continues to give good news to the president's government. Andrés Manuel López Obrador. The Aztec currency has had one of its best weeks to get away from the $ 20 pesos and about to break the $ 19 peso per dollar barrier. Some exchange offices already offer a dollar less than that price.

The US currency has had negative international gusts throughout the week, now affected by the Federal Reserve's decision to maintain interest rates, so it lost ground against the euro, the Swiss franc, the Canadian dollar, the Swiss franc and the Japanese currency, although it was revalued against the British pound.

Maintaining prices also led to 10-year government bonds falling to their annual minimum, dragging down the main financial institutions that closed the session as JPMorgan (-2.13%), Bank of America (-3, 41%), Goldman Sachs (-3.38%), Citigroup (-3.66%) and Morgan Stanley (-2.09%).

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