Home business How much does the dollar cost in Mexico? March 11, 2019

How much does the dollar cost in Mexico? March 11, 2019

The dollar stopped its increases against the Mexican peso.

The currency of the United States is listed on $ 19.40 pesos wholesaler, while retail is one of the largest $ 19.60 and the $ 19.80 pesos, according to reports from institutions such as Citibanamex and BBVA Bancomer.


Reports from The Financial-Bloomberg indicate that during the start of the president's government Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the Mexican currency has delivered the best performance in many years by registering "controlled" highs and lows, that is, the US currency had no dangerous rises.

Compared with other currencies, the dollar was devalued against the euro and the rest of the outstanding currencies after the government of the president Donald Trump has given job creation figures much less than those of analysts, while the euro recovered following the stimulus announced by the European Central Bank yesterday.

The dollar also lost ground against the British pound, the Canadian dollar, the Swiss franc and the Japanese currency.

The dollar returned some of the higher profits made in previous days when the European Central Bank and other central banks indicated that they could generate more incentives by buying more assets or reducing interest rates to help their struggling economies.

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