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Jan Callam left Jaguar this month after 20 years of work, but does not leave the design. He decided to work for himself and created his own desk. It is simply called – Callum, by the name of the founder. There are only 18 employees in him – even when Callam just started working at Jaguar, he had nearly 100 subordinates. They have a studio of 1850 m². m in Warwick (England).

The center of his hometown, where he and his brother once searched for rare models of cars, is now closed to cars. It was turned into a pedestrian area. So Callam thinks to try his hand in a different area than the car design. "Cars no longer have such a mystical appeal to the younger generation as to us," Culham once commented in The New York Times (NYT). "Cars are not that important to young people, they have smartphones and iPods." In Jaguar, Callam supervised the way in which a special department designs clothing, bags, wallets, notebooks and other products with the logo of a car company. “I am interested in making bags and suitcases, leather goods and things such as watches and even clothing. I want to test myself, & he said in an interview with the British magazine Wallpaper. The 65-year-old designer hopes to work fruitfully for at least 15 years.

Nevertheless, he does not refuse cars. Callam will continue to work with car giants as a consultant. His biggest disappointment is that the C-X75 hybrid car has never gone into mass production. He remained in the prototype stage and was included in the James Bond film Spectrum. One of the greatest achievements in his career, Cullam considers the creation of the XF. "This is an important turning point in our history," Wallpaper quotes. "F-Type was a dream come true for me." And one of the most important cars for him regards the electric I-Pace. It was an opportunity to do something new that would change Jaguar's perception, he says: “It was a key role, fit to leave. Immediately after her I resigned. & # 39; For Jaguar, he will only have to develop electric cars. But the characteristics of their engine type give the designer an enormous scope for creativity. “The world has formed a market for customized cars. The higher you are in the luxury car chain, the more and more individual cars must be created. We are made to serve this group of customers & # 39 ;, he says.

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