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How Grant Sabatier went from having $ 2 to $ 1 million in his bank account and retired at the age of 30 – BBC World

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In five years, Sabatier got the money he needed to stop working.

When I was 24, I was bankrupt. With only US $ 2.26 in his bank account and without work, he had to return to his parents' house.

"I literally went to sleep in the same bed as I was when I was little," says BBC Mundo Grant Sabatier, author of the book Financial freedomthat this week came to American bookshops – and founder of the website Millennial Money.

It was the year 2010 and his parents gave him three months to leave the house. Graduated in philosophy and without even getting a job interview, he started thinking about generating money.

At that time he devoted himself to the investigation how it advertising campaigns Google Ads and for a month he learned at home to manage the system – with the courses and tutorials available on the internet – and went looking for a job.

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"The first time I applied for a job in digital marketing, I received it," he says. And from that moment his life changed. He left the house of his parents and set himself the goal to save as much money as possible and invest.

In just five years, it raised US $ 1.25 million, says Sabatier from New York.

"I lived in a miserable apartmentI had a miserable car and I worked most of my time and saved money. "

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Sabatier retired at the age of 30.

But of course all that money did not go through his work full-time. In his spare time he did marketing campaigns online for different customers.

"In a moment I have to have 13 different sources of income".

After a year he founded his own digital marketing company and six months later, the second company in the same category, together with two partners.

"I retired at the age of 30"

"I have raised so much money that I retired at the age of 30 and today I am committed to writing on my blog", says Sabatier, now 34 years old.

"I am retired from business because I do not need money, I can live on income for the rest of my life."

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That's what Sabatier calls him, "financial freedom", like the title of his book.

"With retirement you will not stop working, do what you want."

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"I was never interested in money for money," says Sabatier.

In fact, working in digital marketing was not the passion of his life, but he saw it as a way to get money.

"From the beginning it was my goal to raise money to buy my freedom."

"I was never interested in money for the money. My idea was to achieve it precisely to have financial independence, "he adds.

Ultimately, the key to this whole story, he says, is saving and investing in the beginning of life.

"I bought my freedom"

"It took me five years, three months and six days," he says. And the key to achieving that goal is for various reasons.

"There is a bit of luck, a lot of hard work, being curious and investing well in saving."

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The investor says that he has managed to save up to 82% of his income.

Sabatier started investing in 2010, when the market did not do well and achieved major benefits thanks to the continued increase in its investments.

"I have to save 82% of my income. I see saving as an opportunity, not as a sacrifice, "he adds.

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"I've calculated that for every $ 100 I've saved, that's mebuy six days freedom in the future. "

He says he started thinking about money, not as money, but as units of time, and that opened a new perspective.

How is it done?

The retired millennial says you have to follow three steps to achieve financial independence.

1-The more you save, the faster you achieve financial independence. If you only save 5% or 10%, you will never get that freedom. The ideal is to reach 50%.

But for that you have to live in a smaller apartment and rent with other people for about four or five years.

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Sabatier invested in real estate and in the stock market.

2-Take all the chances you have to make money. You must start with a full-time job and do not be ashamed to ask a salary increase when the conditions are met.

Also look for other ways to earn money that is complementary to your work.

3- Invest what you save.

What did Sabatier invest in?

In homes and on the stock market. "The more you invest, the less you have to sell your time for money."

Now he lives with his wife in New York and despite being one of the most expensive cities in the United States, he does not spend more than $ 50,000 a year.

"I could spend more, but I will not be happier"he says and explains that most things he likes are practically free, such as listening to music with friends or watching movies with his partner.

Finally he adds: "The more money you spend, the more time you will have to work."

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