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He bought an island in Florida for $ 8 million, but is accused of having stolen $ 300 in a Kmart | Univision news from the United States

A man who had just bought an island in the Florida Keys for $ 8 million near Key West was arrested last weekend for participating in what the Monroe County Police described as a plan to steal $ 300 in home items at the Kmart department store .

Shop staff called the Key West Police on April 5, after complaining that Andrew Francis Lippi, 59, had purchased several items, including a Keurig coffee maker and some light bulbs, which he then sent back in the original boxes to get a refund .

The reported theft occurred because the boxes with the originally purchased items were full of other products. For example, store employees said there was a basketball in the Keurig cupboard. Kmart's loss prevention officer provided the detectives with a video in which Lippi purchased and returned all items between March 30 and April 5, according to the arrest report of the Monroe County sheriff's office. the Florida Keys.

The newspaper The Miami Herald He reported that Lippi bought Thompson Island, which was the home of the famous philanthropist Edward B. Knight. Lippi also owns the house & # 39; Real World & # 39; in Key West, where MTV launched its 17th season in 2006.

Lippi told the detectives that he had not changed any of the items before returning them. According to the arrest report, the suspect also assured the investigators that the employee should have known that there was no coffee pot in the box because of his weight. He also told the officers that he returned the bulbs because they cost too much and he did not realize that they had changed.

Lippi was already charged with theft and was imprisoned. He also issued a warning forcing him to stay away from the Kmart store in Key West. The prison reports show that he was released on Sunday without paying bail. The suspect pointed to The Miami Herald that the accusation of theft is "complicated" and that he would rather not talk about it.

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