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Government called to lower government spending: 10 examples of maladministration – Charente Libre

"The outlook for public finances for 2019 is fraught with fragility," warned the financial institution, which is responsible for assessing the quality of public policy management, in its annual report published on Wednesday. "France, because of the incompleteness of the consolidation of its public finances, has few budget margins to cope with a cyclical downturn or a crisis situation", she added. In particular: the tax cuts and new expenses decided against the requirements of "yellow vests" in mid-December, which worsened the outlook for debt and government deficits.

These are the ten examples of public money mismanagement that the Court mentions in its Annual Report 2019.

1 / Emergency situations in hospitals

Financial magistrates recommend "change the emergency services in insufficient activity with all available levers"including their "Closing" or their "transformation to a non-programmed care center". Are particularly focused ones "whose low activity, especially in" deep night " (midnight – 8 o'clock, Ed), no longer allows permanent care in financially sustainable conditions ".

2 / Radio France

The "Round House" has made progress in the area of ​​public and management since 2015, but the Court calls it reformed to come out of a financial situation. "Worrying". The financial magistrates propose, for example, to stop broadcasting Mouv & # 39; on the FM, to better follow his pharaonic renovation project and to extend the working time of the employees.

3 / Intercity trains

The Court is of the opinion that the state is "badly armed" the management of intercity and night trains maintained, mainly because of "the weakness of the resources that it can spend". It suggests a transfer of "spatial planning lines" (Nantes-Lyon, Nantes-Bordeaux, Toulouse-Hendaye) to the respective regions & # 39; s and non-standard operation of night trains and "structuring lines" (Paris-Toulouse, Paris-Clermont, Bordeaux-Toulouse-Marseille) "by SNCF or its future competitors".

4 / EDF

EDF must be the& # 39; & # 39; energy benefit & # 39; that it benefits its employees and former employees "without equivalent" which amounts to billions of euros and contributes to the restructuring of the French group's finances, the Court estimates. The free subscription, the supply of electricity for about 4% of the basic rate and the exemption from taxes are currently offered to both active agents and retired agents who can justify employment of at least 15 years. .

5 / Breakaway work

Although there have never been so many posted workers in France (516,000 in 2017), the Court welcomes the "Strengthening" of the legal arsenal and the "priority given to the Labor Inspectorate" (almost 1000 inspections per month in 2017), but regrets the lack of sanctions, including "high number of closed cases" through the parquet floors.

6 / National furniture

Insufficiently documented and poorly maintained collections, errors in the execution or management of the mission "Sclerotic" of the staff: the national furniture, which is responsible for the design of the presidential dwellings and the maintenance of the state's patrimony "breathless", according to the Court, which calls on the state to "immediately initiate the revitalization of the activities of MNGBS (the national furniture and the national industry of Gobelins, Beauvais and Savonnerie)".

7 / Food security

France has made progress in the field of food security, but some shadow areas continue to exist, such as the withdrawal procedures "Inefficient"according to the Court of Auditors, which refers to the Lactalis case. The financial institution argues, such as the National Consumers Council in a report published in July, the blocking of the products concerned and the publication of withdrawal memories on one website.

8 / Funeral services

"Insufficiently controlled", the funeral sector lacks transparency in France, according to the Court of Auditors, which analyzes the evolution of the burial area of ​​the past 25 years. In order to improve transparency and better control price rises, magistrates recommend that the state strengthens company controls and strengthens legislation.

9 / Spacecraft

The future Ariane 6 launcher will need to evolve rapidly to remain competitive in the light of US competition, which is strongly supported by public procurement, while space-related applications are becoming increasingly important in human activities, says the court. For the establishment of the rue Cambon, "Greater participation of European partners in France" must also "be searched".

10 / Sea

Overseas, the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) are widely used, but the desire to consume these credits at all costs sometimes leads to "management failures" and to one "lack of transparency", regret the financial magistrates.

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