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Google becomes 20 and governs the world with Facebook and Amazon

San Francisco, United States. – Twenty toAfter Larry Page and Sergey Brin took on the task of organizing all the information on the internet, the search engine they called Google became a dominant force in mobile telephony, online video, e-mail, maps and perhaps much more

besides Google, there are only two planetary companies that dominate the world, that are Facebook and Amazon, who have managed to make progress in all sectors and have no fear of governments like the Europeans or the United States.

Nowadays nobody is questioning the power of these companies that have managed to transcend countries and governments, discussing where their immense power came from and how they had to rule under their umbrella.

This spectacular success drives regulators and legislators around the world to wonder if the company has not become too powerful, because the ubiquitous services absorb confidential information about the billions of people who are addicted to their products.

The Google search engine is rooted as the main gateway to the internet and its digital advertising business is on track to generate a turnover of 110,000 million dollars this year. Much of that money comes from the Google Android operating system, which is used in 80% of all mobile phones in the world.

Google also manages the largest video site, YouTube; the most popular web browser, Chrome; the e-mail service with the largest number of users, gmail; and the maps with which most people are oriented.

Not bad for a company that started 20 years ago with an initial investment of $ 100,000. Google and its sisters under the umbrella of Alphabet Inc. are worth 800,000 million dollars together.

Google refused to comment on this note, but has often stated that its products, usually free of charge, have so many users because they love people.

The success of Google often invites comparisons with Microsoft.

In 1998, when Google was founded, US regulators were so concerned about Microsoft's power through the Windows operating system that they began to investigate whether it was possible to split it. Although it was ultimately intact, the long-standing battle with the US government and European regulators manipulated and led Microsoft, which gave an impulse to the rise of Google and Apple. Google can undergo the same fate.

"The government has Google in sight," says Ken Auletta, who had access to the company to write his book "Googled: the end of the world as we know it" in 2009 (Google: the end of the world as we know it). "This company had a certain appearance, but it loses the halo," he said.

Last week, Google provoked the rage of Congress by refusing to send page or his current CEO, Sundar Pichai, to the manipulation of internet services by Russia in his involvement in the US elections. The offended lawmakers accused Google of "arrogance".

The European Commission has imposed fines totaling $ 7,800 million to conclude that the company used its search engine to promote its own services and illegally packaged its products on Android.

Google denies having committed a crime, which has not prevented European regulators from investigating other possible abuses. US President Donald Trump and several regulators give the opportunity to launch new investigations into Google's corporate and privacy rules five years after the Federal Trade Commission has determined that the company is adhering to the laws in general.

In the present this all points to a company that should devote its third decade of life to protect the empire that it built in the first two.

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