GoMo announces new offer ‘for life’

The Eir SIM-only mobile service, GoMo, has said that as of today, all your new customers will receive all calls, all text messages and all data for € 12.99 per month, for life.

The mobile brand was launched in October and more than 100,000 customers have subscribed to its introductory offer of all calls, all text messages and all data for life for € 9.99 per month.

The company said it had exceeded the 100,000 limit for Christmas and finalized its offer of € 9.99 on January 8.

GoMo said today’s offer will be available for a limited time and that only customers who join before March 1, 2020 will have the offer guaranteed.

The non-luxury service offers a SIM-only option and does not have stores or other physical presence, but offers its services to the customer through the Internet.

SIM cards are sent by courier to the customer’s address.

It uses the Eir network and offers 99% population coverage and more than 97% 4G coverage.

The offer has proved extremely popular among customers, generating competitive pressure in the mobile market.

Meanwhile, the Irish Advertising Standards Authority is investigating GoMo on its promise to provide early subscribers with a fixed “for life” agreement.

The Irish Times reports that complaints have been filed with ASAI about the offer.

Complaints arise due to GoMo’s terms and conditions that make it clear that the company reserves the right to change prices at any time.

ComReg also said last month that it had received “a lot” of complaints about GoMo.

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