Home business Gold prices Tuesday, April 9, 2019 After being exposed to violent sales...

Gold prices Tuesday, April 9, 2019 After being exposed to violent sales pressure, the recent period pushed him to deepen the losses in an analytical appearance "Precious Metal Price Outlook"

Gold prices on Tuesday (April 9) on global stock exchanges and markets, which have suffered heavily from sales pressure in previous sessions, the price of gold has deepened its losses in the recent period and prices of precious metals south in the red zone, despite the negative world trade Today, the price of gold has lost nearly $ 20 over several hours, thus beating the expectations of economic analysts who were expecting a strong rally, especially after the reversal of the US government debt and anvil treasury curve.

The price of gold recorded its price this morning at $ 1301.5 against an ounce, so the critical support must be checked at $ 1293 against the us, with the price of gold expected to rise before it hits this point, and if this point is broken to support gold prices Down, prices are expected to be ready for the test at $ 1335 per ounce.

Gold prizes gold today

Gold price Outlook
Gold prizes gold today

The price of gold today in Egypt today

Gold prices on the Egyptian market are made for two vertical reasons, regardless of any other minor reasons. Gold is not a global commodity like other commodities. It is an alternative to money. Beers and the general public resort to gold as a stock of economy in times of crisis, be it economic, political or Financial, as regards the key determinants that determine the gold price in Egypt, is summarized as follows:

The reasons for the movement of the price of gold down and higher in Egypt

Golden prizes today
The price of gold today
  • The first reason for determining the price of gold in Egypt is the price of the precious metal on the world markets up and down.
  • The second reason is the strength or weakness of the Egyptian pound against the US dollar, due to the fact that the global price of gold is evaluated in US dollars.

Prices of gold today in Egypt without a factory

unit The price of gold in Egyptian pounds
Caliber 24 711 to 713
Caliber 22 652 to 654
21 caliber 622 to 624
18 caliber 533 to 535
14 gauge 415 to 416
Caliber 12 355 to 357
U.S 22,108 to 22,179
Pound of gold 4,976 to 4,992
kilos 710.857 to 713.143

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We follow the price movement of precious metals day and night with you through careful follow-up of price movements or local or international prices. You can communicate with us through comments, answer your questions and questions and determine the most suitable moments to determine when you have gold must buy or sell.

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