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Gold prices in Egypt continue to rise for the third day of ethnic transactions

01:05 PM

Monday, April 8, 2019

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Gold prices in Egypt continued to rise for the third day in a row, when the gram price rose one pound during Monday's trading compared to the Sunday level.

Najib Club Secretary General of the Gold Division of Cairo Chamber of Commerce, Lamasrawi, said the price of gold rose 21 caliber during the day to 623 pounds compared to 622 pounds yesterday.

The price of one gram of gold 18 carats around 534 pounds, the price of 24 grams of gold around 712 pounds, and the price of the pound of gold up to 4984 pounds.

According to Bloomberg data, global gold prices rose during the day, with the price of the ounce rising by $ 5.73, or 0.44% compared to yesterday's trading, to include $ 1297.49 in the Cairo at one o'clock in the afternoon.



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