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Ghosn research derailed: Renault complains to Nissan

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<p class=The Japanese concept of the law is mainly based on the principle of deterrence.


The allegations of fraud against ex-Renault boss Carlos Ghosn heavily. The methods, however, with the partner Nissan trying to bring light into the dark, are questionable, says the French car manufacturer. A Parisian newspaper publishes details of a controversial letter.

In the affair surrounding the former Renault boss Carlos Ghosn, the French car manufacturer openly criticized the actions of his Japanese partner Nissan in the internal investigation. The newspaper "Le Journal du Dimanche" cites a letter from the Renault lawyers in which they "express serious concern about the methods used". Renault accuses Nissan of "derailments".

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"Renault has gathered sufficient evidence to understand and deplore the methods that Nissan and its lawyers use to interrogate Renault employees questioned by the Japanese Public Prosecution Service," the letter says. He is dated on January 19.

Moreover, Nissan had searched in France for evidence against Ghosn, without consulting Renault, the newspaper mentioned later in the letter. Nissan also tried to search the Ghosn apartments in Brazil, Lebanon and the Netherlands without informing Renault of this.

A deep gap between Renault and Nissan

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A Nissan spokesperson told AFP that Japanese lawyers had responded to the letter several times in writing and in writing. The case does not reflect the "current status of the discussions". Nissan has always argued for an "open and direct exchange with its partners to expose relevant facts".

Ghosn was surprisingly arrested on November 19 in Japan. The prosecutor accuses him of having a low income at Nissan for years and has transferred personal losses to the car manufacturer. Ghosn denies the accusations.

In January, the former top manager said goodbye as Renault's head. Previously, Nissan and Mitsubishi had already disproved the 64-year-old chairman of the board. The conquest of Ghosn has revealed deep gaps between Nissan and Renault at a time when the two companies wanted to deepen their tripartite alliance with Mitsubishi Motors.

Ghosn and his family accuse Nissan of a plot to prevent a possible takeover of the Japanese partners. In the criticism is also the Japanese judiciary, who is accused of completely overshadowing the Ghosn case. The Japanese concept of the law differs considerably from the Western one. Above all, it follows the principle of deterrence.


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