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Get the recently launched Duo Nova at an incredible price


The Nova is the improved version of everyone’s favorite Instant Pot. (Photo: Instant Pot)

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Instant pots are like the big winners in the world of cooking. Allowing you to make a wide range of recipes in a fraction of the time, they are a super useful gadget to have if you are planning meals or do not want to stress at your evening dinners. While it seems that almost everyone has one today, if the ship was lost, today is a great day to catch one of the recently launched models, the Duo Nova, for a low price of all time.

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Launched last August, the Instant Pot Duo Nova is a new and improved version of the best-selling Duo. While it normally costs around $ 100, at this time, it has been reduced to its lowest price of all time: only $ 56 on Amazon, which is currently cheaper than the original Duo that is priced at $ 79 on this moment. It sold out briefly yesterday, but now it is back in stock, but we are not sure exactly how long this sale price will last.

The Nova and the standard Duo share the same ability to combine seven cooking appliances in one that allows you to cook under pressure, steam, roast, slow cook and more, and also has 14 cooking presets that help you prepare things like soups , stews, chili peppers and porridge simply by adding the necessary ingredients and pressing a button. But the Nova was updated with faster cooking times, along with an automatic sealing cap and a bright LED display with easy-to-read buttons that will keep you informed about the progress of your meal. It’s the Instant Pot that you know and love, but better.

The instant pot can shake your cooking routine and can be the perfect complement to your kitchen to help prepare meals for your weekly lunches or cook hearty dinners for your family. It’s as simple as setting the timer, throwing all the ingredients in the pot and letting Nova do the rest. So, to make recipes without complications, it is obvious.

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