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Foreigners fell in love with Lada Vesta

In Russia it is customary to admire foreign cars and to minimize their merits in every possible way. Of course, our country is far from the most serious positions in the global car market, but this does not mean that the cars produced in Russia are totally bad. Incidentally, this is refuted by foreigners themselves. Both in private conversations and in publications of foreign media have recently come across more positive reviews about modern products of the Russian automotive industry.

An essay by Jörg Michner recently appeared in the Austrian newspaper Heute, which tested one of the new products of the Russian car industry, the Lada Vesta, which has already earned a lot of positive feedback from Russian consumers and is now in control of the European market.

As is known, Lada Vesta has been produced by AvtoVAZ since 2015. In the first half of 2018, Lada Vesta became the best-selling Russian car – 49,635 cars were sold. Interestingly, in the "Lada Vesta", developed by domestic engineers, spare parts and parts of the alliance Renault-Nissan have been used. This is not surprising and objectionable, since AvtoVAZ is a member of this association.

The Austrian correspondent loved the car. Jörg Michner believes that at a low price for the countries of the European Union at 17.990 euro everything that is needed for modern, comfortable driving in the car is presented. The Austrian calls the advantages of the car: it is a navigation system, automatic lighting and rain sensors, climate control, information systems. For the class in which the Lada Vesta is produced, a big plus is the heated rear seats. As a rule, it is found in cars of more expensive value.

Jörg Michner emphasizes that it is very nice to drive to Lada Vesta. Apparently, the car did not just come to meet the journalist – the Russian car was the winner in the "Efficiency / Compact class" category of the Austrian automobile, motorcycle and tourist club. Of course, the European driver is most surprised by the pleasant price of the car. In the basic configuration "Lada West" can be bought for 14.250 euro, taking into account discounts – and for 12.750 euro.

We therefore see that the Russian car industry may be promoted on the European market. Another thing is that it is necessary to invest in this, to create the image of Russian brands abroad. But if Lada West is interested in Austria, what about other countries, especially Asian and African?

The Turkish citizen Selahattin Keskin has been driving for more than 30 years. During his life he had seen a lot of cars, especially because he had worked in Germany, both in Saudi Arabia and in our country. Not so long ago, after he visited Russia again for his business, he got behind the wheel of the Lada Vesta and was pleasantly surprised.

Now Selahattin states that when he prepares to replace a car, he will purchase the Lada Vesta – and not so much because of the exotic, but for reasons of an optimal combination of price and quality. Where else can you buy a comfortable car for so little money?

Author: Ilya Polonsky

Used photo & # 39; s: http://carexpert.ru/


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