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Europeans are satisfied with the quality of UAZ: biofuel Pickups enter the Italian market

The UAZ has a long friendship with Italy: in the 60s of the last century the Soviet Union "UAZ-450" began to supply bread to this country and later to the 469th. In 1978 the UAZ-469 SUV even received the first prize of the Italian autocross championship in San Remo – Silver Jack. Machines imported into the USSR (more than 13,000 units) are still being used as excursion machines for trips to volcanoes, working in geological exploration and mine rescue services, supplying water and food to remote and remote villages. Generally, if you believe the Moscow office of UAZ, if it were not for Soviet off-road vehicles, other inhabited places in Italy would have been empty long ago …

Soon old worn-out "UAZs" will be able to replace the new Pick-ups: the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure of Italy has issued OTTS for this model, and the local LPG Lovato provided the Pick-up with gas cylinder equipment, so now the 2.7 liter ZMZ engine can operate on both gasoline and liquid gas, while meeting the environmental standards of Euro-6.

During the audit, the representatives of the certification bodies carefully studied the OAS quality control systems at the factory and did not file any claims against them. Now UAZ can sell its models unlimited in terms of quantity on the whole territory of the European Union, and the first lot contains a thousand cars. In the long term, UAZ wants to bring a commercial model of the Pick-up and the Patriot SUV to Europe – obviously, after the next planned upgrade, the assembly of the modernized cars will start on 20 September.

Europeans would probably be interested in the promising cross-over UAZ-3170, which has been developed since 2014, but recently the managing director of Sollers Vadim Shvetsov said that UAZ will not produce this model.

In Russia, the demand for Oaz pickups is growing, despite the general negative dynamics of the brand's sales: from January to July 2018 dealers sold the 2001 pick-up, which is 40.5% more compared to the same period last year. . Now UAZ Pickup is confidently in charge of sales in its segment: a Japanese pick-up, Toyota Hilux, which previously breathed in its mind, was left behind – in the first seven months of this year, 1540 units were sold. Meanwhile, the Indian pickup Mahindra threatens to enter the Russian market, promising more attractive prices than UAZ.


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