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Euro and dollar hid from the head

Russian currency is gaining momentum. In the course of today's trade
on the exchange rate of Moscow from the ruble rose to 29 kopecks. against the dollar and
38 police officer. to the euro (this is the data at 12:12 pm in Moscow). So the American currency
dropped to 65.98 rubles., and the European fell to 76.43 rubles.

The ruble grew steadily yesterday, while the cost of oil, which
usually strongly affects the exchange rate of the Russian currency, fell. "The ruble continues
surprise market participants with their response to the external background. Full correlation with
oil market. The overall weakening of the US has contributed to the strengthening of the ruble.
currency & # 39; s and positive dynamics of currency & # 39; s of developing countries ", – noted
Alpari analyst Vladislav Antonov (quoted from Prime).

According to him, the dollar feels uncomfortable because
delays in consumer prices. Investors fear that on a low level
US Federal Reserve System refuses to increase further
key rate. This will lead to lower yields on US bonds.
Demand for US securities declined, and the dollar declined.

Another support factor for the national currency has become
the first successful auction of bonds for a fairly long time
federal loan (OFZ). Investors bought paper for 5 billion rubles, and this
It was seen by the market as a positive signal.

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Leading analyst at TeleTrade Anastasia Ignatenko
pointed out that "the ruble remains an island
stability, ignores the decline in oil prices and the collapse of the world
stock markets. "

However, to shorten the "American" for the time being
early. "The US dollar is still the main driving force in the market
Let the players moderate their expectations regarding the interest rate increase
rates by the US regulator until the end of next year, but amid falling
global stock markets, the US dollar predicts an early correction
asked, "quotes expert Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

If at the end of the week the dollar does not fall below 65.7-66 rubles.
next week he may strike at the positions of the ruble and may jump
in the area of ​​68 rubles. For the euro, the critical level is the point of 74.5 rubles. like
the European currency stays above that, next week growth is possible to 77.5-78

In this situation, only "unexpected
news from the oil market, which is still being held hostage by future sanctions against Iran
and subject to weather influences, such as the hurricane season. "


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